Why Did Matthew Mackell Suicide? Tunbridge Wells Boy Death And Autopsy Report

Suicide cases have actually become a serious matter in the entire world. People are opting to kill themselves rather than live their life. Not everyone is mentally or physically strong as they look and that is why it is necessary to talk to someone and important to discuss the problems rather than keeping them inside your mind. Now, you all must be thinking that why we are talking about it and if is there any new case has come related to this matter. Unfortunately, a suicide case came fore and came into the limelight, however, this news is not so new and the case happened 3 years back.

Matthew Mackell

Why Did Matthew Mackell Suicide?

The deceased was identified as Matthew Mackell and his death news is still the talk of the town. People want to know why he took his own life and what made him so distressed that he decided to take the harsh step rather than talking to his parents. Matthew Mackell was just 17 years old when he decided to kill himself. His death news had stirred up the entire area where he lived and this news is quite shocking for them. The reports state that he took his life on 6th May 2022 in Kent, England.

Matthew Mackell

Before his demise, the victim himself called the police emergency number (999) looking for help, but the police have not taken the call seriously and they didn’t even follow up until many hours later. After his death, his family blamed and criticized the Kent Police for their handling or behavior towards the situation. They even requested the government to take such calls seriously especially when the person is not mentally stable and seeking help for mental health. After watching the criticism, the Kent Police department released a public apology to the family of Matthew, admitting that they had failed to provide him with support when he badly needed it.

Matthew Mackell

Now this news has stirred up the entire social media and it is quite depressing for them to believe in such news and that is why they are looking for more details about the deceased. Matthew was born on 13th April 2003 and he took his last breath on 6th May 2020. The deceased was buried in Kent and Sussex Crematorium and Cemetery in Royal Tunbridge Wells located in Kent, England. Prior to taking his own life, the schoolboy had informed the police about it. He clearly informed the police that he was going to do suicide and was asking for someone to be sent to pick him up and save his life.

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