Valentine’s Week Full List 2023: Kiss Day, Rose Day To Propose Day

The month of February is quite important for lovers. As this month is famous for a particular week dedicated to all those people who are in love and share a good and strong bond with their lovers. Yes, you are right, we are talking about Valentine’s Day but it is not a one-day celebration it is a 7-day celebration and each date denotes something. Those who hate date sheets are also interested in celebrating these dates and we are sure that they remembered the days on their tip.

Valentine's Week Full List

Valentine’s Week Full List 2023

Usually, people commemorate Valentine’s Day on 14th February 2023 but as we said, the commemorations start a week prior with many days that are:-

  1. 07th February- Rose Day
  2. 08th February- Propose Day
  3. 09th February- Chocolate Day
  4. 10th February- Teddy Day
  5. 11th February- Promise Day
  6. 12th February- Huge Day
  7. 13th February- Kiss Day
  8. 14th February- Valentine’s Day

People all over the world celebrate this love week and they already began preparing grand gestures for their partners, loved ones, or crushes. We are sure that you all have your plan to surprise your loved one but still, it is good to do research in advance so that you don’t disappoint them. There are many individuals who mark this day by going on dates, presenting their partners or crushing special tokens of love, taking out their potential love interest on a romantic date, relishing out activities their partner loves, preparing special meals or gifts made with hands, and many more.

While Valentine’s Day is on 14th February, the commemorating of love starts a week prior. The 7 days of love- prior to Valentine’s Day and many other days. Each day of this love week has its importance, and those in love take motivation from the name of the day in order to prepare romantic or beautiful gestures and gifts for their partners. Not only lovers, but many singles also propose their crush on this day in the hope of coming into a relationship. The date and the name of the day are already mentioned above but now we are sharing quick information about its significance.

Rose Day:- The commemoration of Valentine’s Week starts with Rose Day which is on 7th February. On this day, individuals send roses to their partners, crushes, and loved ones in order to express their love for them. The color of the rose also plays a significant role which denotes a particular meaning, the red rose stands for love, pink stands for administration and appreciation, yellow stands for friendship, and so on.

Propose Day:- After Rose day, people celebrate Propose Day on 8th February. The name of the day is enough to explain what exactly happens on this day. People confess their feelings of love to their crush or partner. All the other name of days is enough to explain their significance.

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