Who were Travis Jordan and Brett Ryan? Edmonton Police Officer Shot To Death: Victim Identified

It looks like today we only have sad news to share. And most of them are related to the passing of someone. However, this news will be a little bit different from others as it is related to crime. This time no innocent citizen, criminal, or celebrity has been found dead in fact this news is related to the passing of 2 police officers who lost their lives while serving the nation. According to the reports, 2 Edmonton police cops were shot and assassinated in the early morning of Thursday, 15th March 2023. The reports state that police officers were responding to the family violence call that was happening at an apartment building that also left the suspect dead and the lady wounded.

Edmonton Police Officer Shot To Death

Who were Travis Jordan and Brett Ryan?

This news has stirred up the entire social media along with the nearby areas and the neighbors are still in shock and could not able to believe that such a heinous crime has happened in their area. The social media users who read this news want to know everything about this case and what exactly has happened along with the details of the suspect. Dale McFree, the Police chief stated that “The Edmonton Police Service has been marked by the really horrific and unthinkable tragedy as 2 of our police force members have lost their lines in the line of duty.” The deceased police officer identified as 35-year-old Constable Travis Jordan who had been giving his services with EPS for 8.5 years and Constable, 30-year-old Brett Ryan who had been with the service for 5.5 years were assassinated.

Edmonton Police Officer Shot To Death

Edmonton Police Officer Shot To Death

He further added that “I can not tell you how shattered and sad we are by this huge loss. We know that their friends and family, their entire community, and loved ones will be profoundly impacted by this horrifying incident. We must all be there for each other. Though we can’t reduce their pain at least our comfort words can give some strength to them so that they can bear the pain of their huge loss. As of now, we can only pray for the salvation of the soul and try to provide justice to them.” The Police chief states that “Constables Ryan and Jordan were valued members of our Edmonton Police Service family and they served side by side with us every day in police service to our society.

Edmonton Police Officer Shot To Death

Both these brave and precious members have passed away in service and protection of our community. Their lives as well as sacrifices will always remain alive in our hearts.” As we mentioned above, the 2 constables responded to a family dispute at around 12:47 AM at the building at Baywood Apartments. The police are currently investigating the matter and we are hoping to get more details about it.

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