What Happened To Sunday Zaka? FCT PDP Chairman dead in Accident

On Saturday morning people woke up with the tragic death news of Sunday Zaka. According to the reports, Sunday Zaka who was the chairman of The Peoples Democratic Party passed away on Saturday morning, Feb 25, 2023. But what was his cause of death and how did he die? People have been keen to learn about Sunday Zaka’s death. There are a lot of questions are prevailing among netizens about this story. Thus, we came up with this piece of article to inform you about this buzzing story. Be sticky with this page and read this article till the end. Kindly swipe down the page and take a peek at the further-placed sections.

Fct Pdp Chairman Accident Sunday Zaka

What Happened To Sunday Zaka?

Before talking further, let us make it clear that Sunday Zaka passed away in a motor vehicle accident. Thus, Sunday Zaka’s cause of death was linked to his accident. In the accident, the Peoples Democratic Party Chairman for the FCT sustained major injuries. He immediately succumbed to his accident injuries. Sunday Zaka was pronounced dead at the scene. However, the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party was not alone at the time of the accident, his security personnel was also with him. Drag down the page and read more details.

Fct Pdp Chairman Accident Sunday Zaka

Fct Pdp Chairman Accident Sunday Zaka

Shortly after the accidental death of Sunday Zaka, people started taking over social media and paid tribute to him. Likewise, a person wrote on Twitter, “So sad news for members of the People Democratic Party (PDP) following the death of the FCT chairman of the party, Hon. Sunday Zaka. Hon. Zaka died along with his orderly in a ghastly motor accident in the early hours of today.” Another person posted, “My condolences Hon Sunday Zaka for your death, and May your death bring victory to his excellence as the incoming president of the federal government @atiku” Shift to the next section for more details.

Fct Pdp Chairman Accident Sunday Zaka

Fct Pdp Chairman Sunday Zaka dead In Accident

A member of Sunday Zaka’s family anonymously said he was allowed to announce the news. He added, Our brother, the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) Chairman in the Federal Capital Territory, died in a motor accident with some of his aides in the early hours of this morning,” Talking about the circumstances surrounding the accident, it happened after 3 am on Saturday when he was heading Kuje home from a party meeting. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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