What happened to Petara Cordero? Chris Smith’s baby mama death in car accident

Petara Cordero is said to be gone through a car accident. People want to know what happened to her. You will get complete details about Petara Cordero’s car accident in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Petara Cordero

Petara Cordero car accident

Petara Cordero was a mother of a football player. She was in a relationship with Chris Smith. She passed away in a car accident in 2019. Chris Smith passed away on 17th April 2023. The reason behind his death is not mentioned yet. He was 31 years old at the time of his death. He has played for Seattle Seas Dragons of XFL and also spent time with Jaguars, Brown, Texans, and Raiders. As he passed away, his fans are also remembering the death of his ex-girlfriend, Petara Cordero.

Petara Cordero

What Happened To Petara Cordero?

Petara Cordero was a 26-year-old girl. She was the girlfriend of NFL player Chris Smith. She passed away on 11 September 2019. She just delivered her baby girl, Haven Harris Smith. She passed away in a car accident in Ohio. They gave birth to three children. They were planning to get married. The police department mentioned that she was an event ambassador for Topgolf. She passed away on 11 September 2019. It was around 2 am.

Petara Cordero

Her car gets hit by a lady driving. The incident took place at the West 140th Street exit. She was immediately taken to hospital but was declared dead. She was said to be driving while drinking. Her alcohol level was 0.08 percent. Cleveland Browns mentioned about her death on the website that it’s quite unexplainable how he might have felt after the incident. People were mourning her loss and sending condolences to her family. What did Chris Smith say after losing his girlfriend?

Petara Cordero

What Did Chris Smith Say After His Girlfriend Passed Away?

Chris Smith was emotional after his girlfriend’s death due to an accident. He said emotionally that he does not know the reason behind her passing away so early and separating from him, but he knows that she will be in a better place. He further says god does everything for good. She can rest easy. He says she, is his wifey, best friend, and the mother of his daughter. He also has a tattoo on his chest that refers, stay strong that he refers to her and he says Love You Baby at the end. He revealed on Instagram that he and her other loved ones have tattooed the same. The woman who killed her was not arrested as she was under her legal limit of drinking and was not speeding the car.

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