What Happened To Naonobu Fuji? Volleyball Player Died By Stomach Cancer

Naonobu Fuji passed away on 10 March 2023, Friday. Many say that she passed away because of stomach cancer. You will get complete details about Naonobu’s death. Keep reading for more information.

Naonobu Fuji

Who Was Naonobu Fuji?  

As we all know that Naonobu Fuji is a Japanese Volleyball player. He played for the Toray Arrows. His shirt number used to be 21. Apart from this, He has represented Japan’s National Volleyball Team also. He played in 2017 Gresik, 2021 Chiba, and 2019 Tehran. He also played at Juntendo University. People are mourning his death. Fans are disheartened after his death.  

Naonobu Fuji

He passed away on 10th March 2023. The news of his death made headlines. His fans were concerned and want to know the reason behind his death. Volley Trails has also mentioned that it is sad to hear the news of his death. He was a humble and talented person that we lost. Kawai also tweeted and said that the player was talented and had many skills. Later, he mentioned that may he rest in peace. 

Naonobu Fuji

How Did Naonobu Fuji Die? 

Many people believed that Naonobu Fuji died because of stomach cancer. The fact is said to be true. Many sources have confirmed the reason behind his death to be stomach cancer. Toray shared the news on social media and confirmed his death. He was just 31 years old at the time of his death. He was in the last stage of cancer. It was made public by him on 27th February 2022. He was hospitalized and going through stomach cancer. His eyes were also affected by cancer. People are also interested to know whether he was married or not. 

Naonobu Fuji

Who Was Naonobu Fuji’s Wife? 

Naonobu Fuji was married to Miya Sato. They were married on 26 September 2021. They do not like to be in the media. He is a private person and so is his wife. His wife, Miya, is a retired Japanese Volleyball player. She announced her retirement on 27 May 2021. People are also interested in knowing his net worth. 

Naonobu Fuji

Naonobu Fuji’s Net Worth: 

He played for a long time for Toray arrows. His mainstream must be Volleyball. He was a professional athlete. He has also worked with some brands. We don’t have the exact amount for his net worth yet as he kept his details personal. He is active on Instagram. He keeps sharing about his life through his Instagram page. We keep bringing such updates to our website. Stay tuned for more details.  

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