What Happened To Mystic Meg? TV and newspaper astrologer, dies aged 80

This is to inform you that renowned astrologer Mystic Meg who used to often appear on television, has passed away. She is no more. Yes, it has been verified as well. According to official reports, the television astrologer Mystic Meg passed away on March 9, 2023, Thursday. She passed away at the age of 80. Since Mystic Meg’s death news broke out it is making headlines everywhere and leaving the audience in a frenzy to search for what happened to Mystic Meg. In fact, this story is one of the most trending stories on social media and news channels. In fact, a lot of questions are being searched regarding this. We have come up with this column to answer each and every imperative question related to this topic. You are asked to stick with this page and must read the following sections. Scroll down.

Mystic Meg

How did Mystic Meg die?

The first question that comes to mind is who confirmed or revealed the passing of the famous television astrologer. Reportedly, this shocking news was revealed by her agent. The Horoscope expert Mystic Meg’s agent named Dave Shapland revealed this shocking news. Dave issued a heartfelt note to address the passing of the veteran astrologer. Scroll down the page to read what he said.

Mystic Meg

Dave Shapland said without any question, she was Britain’s most famous astrologer by a million miles. Nobody came close to Meg in that respect. She was followed by millions in this country and also around the world. She even became part of the English language, if a politician, somebody from showbiz, or ordinary people in the street are asked a tricky question they will say ‘Who do you think I am, Mystic Meg?’ It shows what an impact she made. Drag down the page and read about her cause of death.

Mystic Meg

Mystic Meg was her stage name but her real name was Margaret Ann Lake. She was widely known for being an expert in horoscopes. She died at St Mary’s Hospital located in Paddington, London. Reportedly, Margaret Ann Lake was suffering from flu which caused her to pass away at the age of 85. It can be concluded that Mystic Meg passed away naturally. Our hearts go out to the family, friends, and relatives of Mystic Meg. May God grant her salvation and welcome her in heaven with open arms. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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