What Happened To Jose K Mani Son? Arrested In Manimala accident Incident

Shock waves are coming from Kottayam, Kerala as Congress leader Jose K Mani’s son has been taken into custody following an accident. According to the reports, Jose K Mani’s son was involved in a fatal accident. Thus, police arrested him on Monday. Since the news of Jose K Mani’s son’s accident broke out and surfaced on the news channels, it has been making headlines and trending everywhere, leaving people shocked. Numerous questions related to Jose K Mani’s son’s accident have been raised, which have been pondered in this article. We have come up with all the imperative details associated with this news. In the following sections of this column, we have talked about each and every imperative aspect of this news. You should follow this news article till the end. Be sticky and keep reading this article for more details. Kindly drag down the page.

Jose K Mani Son

Jose K Mani’s Son Arrested In Manimala Accident Case

Jose K Mani is the Kerala Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP. Reportedly, his son whose age is said to be 19 years, was arrested and charged with rash and negligent driving that resulted in the death of two boys. Talking about the victims, the two boys who died in the accident were brothers. Two members of a family lost their lives in an accident that occurred due to alleged rash and negligent driving. Shift to the following section for more details.

Jose K Mani Son

This is why people have been left stunned and demanding justice for the family that lost its two members. Talking about the accident, that happened on Saturday evening near Manimala. The police said the road mishap occurred on the Manimala-Muvattapuzha road when a car driver allegedly applied a sudden brake which led the two brothers who were traveling on a scooter to ram into the car from behind. Drag down the page and read more details about the accident.

Jose K Mani Son

The authorities have identified the victims, Mathew John and Jins John, both brothers. Mathew John was 35 years of age and Jins John was 30 years old. Reportedly, the two brothers were taken to a nearby medical facility but they could not be revived. Eventually, a protest occurred against Jose K Mani and his son K M Mani who appeared before the police on Sunday evening. Local residents have alleged that the Congress leader was trying to protect his son from the case. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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