What Happened To Greg Howard? Hollywood Guitarist Passed Away

NEWS: Greg Howard’s death today marked a colossal loss for the Stick community. One of the most famous Stick players in the world, Greg was a member of the Dave Mathews band. Keep reading further this post to learn more about his passing and Greg Howard’s cause of death. Greg Howard was a prominent musician from Charlottesville, Virginia who specialized in playing the Chapman Stick. Prior to this, he played saxophone and keyboards in local bands previously transitioning to the Stick in 1985. He and guitarist Tim Reynolds recorded an album called Sticks and Stones in 1987. Howard is perhaps best known for his work with the Dave Matthews Band, appearing on two of their albums and performing with the band in concert. He also collaborated with saxophonist LeRoi Moore on various projects.

Greg Howard

How did Greg Howard die?

In 2002, Howard released an album called Lift with the Greg Howard Band, which included Dutch musicians Jan van Olffen. Jan Wolfkamp, and Hubert Heeringa. Additionally, he performed and led seminars on playing the Chapman Stick throughout North America and Europe, and was authorized by multiple instructional books and DVDs on the respective subjects. Here’s the cause of Greg Howard’s death.

Greg Howard

Greg Howard was a renowned solo musician, team player, and respected teacher of the Chapman Stick. He was a passionate advocate for the instrument and the Chapman family business, and he engaged in discussions and debates about it on online forums. Greg possessed exceptional skill and extensive knowledge of the Stick, which he used to support his love for the instrument. Sadly, it was confirmed that he passed away at his home, although the exact cause of his death remains unknown. The news of his passing has stunned and saddened the music community as Greg was an incomparable musician who left an unforgettable mark on all who heard his work. He will be remembered for his unwavering commitment to the Stick and the Chapman family business, and his legacy as a musician and teacher will undoubtedly inspire future generations.

Greg Howard

Greg Howard’s Death Cause

The news of Greg’s Howard death was announced by Stickist Forum stating that he passed away on April 22, 2023, at his residence in Charlottesville, Virginia. Greg lived a fulfilling life, was a loyal friend, and developed a family man. He possessed exceptional musical talent and was an influential figure in the Chapman Stick community, inspiring and teaching countless musicians around the world. Although his loved ones will cherish his memory, Greg’s impact on the Chapman Stick community will be an enduring legacy. As the most influential figure in the community, he inspired and taught numerous musicians globally leaving behind a vast musical legacy and wealth of knowledge. His significant contributions to the world of music will always be remembered and appreciated. At this time, the exact cause of his death is not yet known.

Greg Howard

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