What happened to Dekalb Marlon King? 2 men charged after allegedly shooting, killing teen

The cases of crime are on top and the police are quite worried after watching the sudden rise in crime. One after another we are hearing murder cases and it is quite shocking to watch how people are easily killing other people. In this blog, we came here to talk about the murder of Dekalb Marlon and everyone is looking to know who was the person and who was the suspect as well as the motive of the murder. The reports state that the victim was 19 years old when he was shot to death. Apart from the deceased, a person was found injured and is currently admitted to the hospital.

Dekalb Marlon King

Who Killed Dekalb Marlon King?

This shooting incident happened late Thursday night in DeKalb. The report states that the driving his daughter to school, a youth football coach was shot and killed outside his Chicago House. As per authorities, King passed away and the 2nd person, whose identity has not been shared yet, was airlifted to the Rockford Hospital. The current condition of his health status is not known yet but our sources are trying to fetch the information. The news of the shooting has been shared by the official who states that the conflict resulted in several people firing rounds at the time of a probe.

Dekalb Marlon King

The report states that Dekalb Marlon was the victim who lost his life in the shooting. He was instantly admitted to Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital in DeKalb by medical officers and he passed away while being evacuated to the Rockford Hospital for further treatment. He was being treated at the local hospital as shared by Dekalb Police Cheif, David Byrd. Now this is the 2nd homicide reported on the north side of Dekalb. Before this shooting, DeKalb High School freshman, 15-year-old, Gracie Sasso-Cleveland was murdered last week.  The body of Sasso-Cleveland was found in the garbage on Sunday, 7th May 2023 after her family reported her missing a night prior to the incident.

Dekalb Marlon King

The 29-year-old, Timothy M.Doll of the 500 block of College Avenue located in DeKalb is a registered s*x offender who faced 1st-degree murder charges in the killing of the teen. The official obituary of the deceased is not published yet but we understand that his family members are totally devasted by his unexpected passing. Apart from it, reports further added that A DeKalb County judge rejected bond Saturday to one of the two DeKalb males who are accused of 1st-degree murder in the shooting incident that took the life of the 19-year-old graduate.

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