What did Chad Doerman do? Video shows man sitting outside 3 brothers killed in Clermont County shooting

A shocking and heinous act of crime incident reportedly took place in Ohio where a father allegedly killed his three sons. Yes, you heard it right, people are finding it very disturbing but that’s the way cookie crumbles sometimes. In addition, the bodycam footage of the incident also has surfaced on the internet going viral and making noise over there. The video of the Ohio father has taken over the internet by storm. A whirlwind caused by the bodycam footage depicting the arrest of the accused can be felt online. Who is he? Since the video surfaced and went viral online it has been making headlines and leaving people in a frenzy to explore the details. What could be the motive of the Ohio father to kill his three sons? Lots of questions have been prevailing in people’s minds. Stick with this page if you are also scrambling to unfold the details.

Chad Doerman

Who Is Chad Doerman?

The Ohio father who allegedly killed his three sons is identified as Chad Doerman. He is a 32-year-old man who allegedly his three sons with a rifle. Chad Doerman fatally shot his three boys. Furthermore, the Ohio father also shot the wife of his three children. A video going viral on the internet depicted that Chad Doerman has been taken into custody for killing his three sons and shooting his wife. Take a look below and read about the charges against him.

The Ohio father reportedly is charged with three counts of aggravated murder. Reportedly, the bodycam footage was released by Law&Crime on Saturday, June 17, 2023. The released video shows the officers of Clermont County Police Department approaching Chad Doerman’s house while the Ohio father was sitting on the porch awaiting his arrest. He complied with the orders of the Clermont County officers. Swipe down the screen and read about his family.

Chad Doerman was the father of three children aged 3, 4, and 7. The officers also recovered the corpses of the children. Their identities have not been released yet. Sources have suggested the incident took place on Thursday, June 15. During his court appearance, the father admitted that he had planned to kill his children and one girl but his daughter managed to escape. One of the children of Chad Doerman ran away to a nearby field. While the mother of the children was shot in her hand while trying to save them. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

Chad Doerman Chad Doerman

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