WATCH: QAnon Shaman falling off a cycle real video Viral clip debunked

We all know that thousands of videos are posted online but only some of them remain on top. The simple reason is the content as some content of the video instantly pulls the attention of the users and made it to be on the top. One such video has recently surfaced on the web in which a man comes up to be the QAnon Shaman. His video went viral on social media and people are watching it again and again and even sharing it with each other. As per some people, in the viral video, the man falls off the bicycle on the road.

QAnon Shaman

Is QAnon Shaman falling off a cycle real? video Viral clip debunked

Though it was not the real Shaman, 35, Jacob Chansley as he was released from jail earlier and was shifted to the halfway house. The attire of the man has pulled the attention of the people in which the man seen riding the bicycle wore a similar kind of fur headdress with horns and had red, blue, and white face paint. The man was looking cycling with 1 hand on the brakes and another hand he raised in the air in a gesture of victory most likely to commemorate the early release of Jacob Chansley from federal jail.

But the bicycle probably bumped into the uneven or rough surface on the road because of which the man tumbled down and fell on the side. The attire of the man depicted in the video made some people think that the man who fell from the cycle was not the QAnon Shaman. Now there are many people who are searching for him and want to know who is QAnon Shaman and why people are searching for him. QAnon Shaman alas Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley, commonly known as Jake Angeli is an activist and an alt-right conspiracy theorist of America who has been the supporter of Donald Trump, the former President of the United States.

QAnon is also known by the name of Yellowstone Wolf. He was photographed partaking in the month of January 6 storming the US Capitol. After his attack on the building, he was convicted of felony charges of intentionally trespassing on restricted grounds sans lawful authority, obstructing an official proceeding. The police detained him on 9th January 2021 and he pleaded guilty to the single charge in the month of September 2021. He gets a 41 months conviction in jail in the month of November 2021. He served the portion of the 3.4 years conviction at the Federal Correctional Institution in Safford located in Arizona. In the month of July 2023, he was supposed to be released from jail.

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