WATCH: Ashley Barkis’ Filipino apology video fans reacts as “She needs to be arrested”

In this article, we are going to talk about the new controversy which is surrounding every social media platform. This article is about the famous social media personality Ashley Barkis. She is troubled by a huge controversy. She is viral on the whole internet. Internet users are saying that she should be getting arrested. She has posted an apology video. Now Netizens are very interested to know about her and they want to know about the controversy. So, Read the whole article.

Ashley Barkis

Fans Say Ashley Barkis’ Arrests after Filipino apology video

A few days ago, social media personality and content creator Ashley Barkis apologized in a video for making racist remarks against an Asian family. Her claim to be half-Filipino, however, drew harsh criticism from online users. Ashley may be seen charging an Asian guy and his family in a video posted by @sam.anthabong on May 18, 2023, after they allegedly struck her car. She approached the man in an obviously disrespectful manner and inquired about his driving record and whether he was even legally allowed to be in the United States.


Replying to @taga-ilog 🫣the indignations she got telling people so BOLDLY ✨Now U KNO CAN UNDERSTAND I AM NOT AT ALL RAS€IST✨ #itbeyourownpeoplesometimes #ashleybarkis #filipinopriderevoked #californiaroadrage #asianpeopleproblems

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As Ashley once kicked the man into the oncoming traffic, the internet was incensed. They recommended that the influencer be detained on suspicion of trying to kill someone. After the criticism, Ashley most likely disappeared from social media, but she later returned with an apologetic video before purportedly deleting her profile once more. Several producers, including @ellenacuario, who vehemently attacked her use of the excuse of being half-Filipino to lessen her prejudice, uploaded a portion of the video on Twitter and TikTok. Ashley apologized for any disrespect she may have caused to the Asian community because she is half Filipino. Ashley Barkis apologized to the Asian family in the video, saying she was sorry for any suffering she may have brought on them. She continued by saying that she does not support any type of racism or violence against anyone. Netizens, however, asserted that it was precisely what she had done two days before.

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Ashley acknowledged that she could have handled the matter in a variety of alternative ways without getting angry or violent. In the final moments of her video apology, she said: “I hope you all realize by this point that I am not in the least racist. I’m just a regular person who could use some more practice. Ashley almost killed the Asian man when she shoved him in front of the rushing traffic, as @rx0rcist pointed out, but she made no apologies. Her apologies didn’t seem sincere to other people either. So, this was all about this controversy. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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