Video: What is the TRX Workout? What keeps Natasa Stankovic fit and fine

Natasha Stankovic does a special type of workout called TRX. He also shared the video on his social media.

Natasha Stankovic

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Indian star cricketer Hardik Pandya’s wife and model Natasha Stankovic often shares glimpses of her workout videos on social media. Natasha He is known for his fit and healthy lifestyle. All girls want to have a figure like Natasha. She sweats a lot in the gym to maintain her figure. Let us tell you that Natasha Stankovic does a special type of workout, called TRX. Let’s know about this exercise…

What is the TRX workout?

Explain that TRX is a suspension training exercise, including TRX rows, TRX squats, cable glute kickbacks, and dumbbell exercises. TRX Row is a very good and beneficial workout, as it works to strengthen the shoulder stabilizers, spinal erectors and abdominal muscles. Also improves coordination for daily activities.

TRX squat

In the TRX squat, you use your body weight to support your legs. This workout is not only good for experienced people, but also suitable for those with poor balance or mobility. In this position, the person doing the workout has to hold the handle all the time.

Cable adhesive kickbay

The cable glute kickback emphasizes the gluteal muscles. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the body. This increases our body’s strength. Athletic ability is also improved. Apart from this, lower back pain is also relieved.

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Raise the dumbbells forward

Dumbbell Front Raise is a powerful and effective workout for developing the front shoulder muscles. But those doing this type of workout for the first time need to be careful. Those doing this exercise for the first time should use light weight dumbbells. Elbows slightly bent and wrists Neutral position It is very beneficial to do this workout in the correct position.


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