Video of Nurse Slamming Baby: Get Long island Nurse slams Baby Details!

A video of nurses slamming a newborn baby is going viral on the internet. The video is trending on different social media handles. People want to know more about the incident. Keep reading for more details.

Video of Nurse Slamming Baby

Why The Video Is Going Viral? 

The video is going viral over the internet. It is the video of Bassinet hospital. The video shows a nurse slamming a newborn. The baby and the nurse video have gained thousands of views. People are searching more for videos on the internet.  The nurse belonged to Long Island. There are different concerns raised about the well-being of newborns in hospitals.  

The video quickly gained attention. The viewers had different opinions. They mention that the nurse is becoming insensitive toward the baby. She has been criticized a lot for slamming the baby. Concerns about child safety were raised after the incident. She was suspended from the hospital as the video became viral on the internet. People are raising questions about the type of training a nurse is being provided.  

The video was shot by the parents of the newborn. They were disheartened to see this. They decided to take the support of the public. The hospital has mentioned that the parents’ security is their first priority. The nurse was terminated from her job because of a lot of criticism from the public. 

The hospital mentioned that they were getting a lot of hate from the people. They have taken action and terminated her. People are shocked and throwing anger and hate at people. The hospital’s rating started declining after the video was posted. People tagged the hospital authorities to be insensitive. To maintain their goodwill, the hospital decided to provide support and assistance to the parents and their babies. 

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Following is the video from NBC News showing the newborn baby being slammed by the nurse.  


The viewers are watching that video and making it viral over the internet. The hospital will provide for any damage that happens to the family. It was completely unexpected for her. The training institution of the nurses is being talked about. The reason behind the nurse doing this is not defined yet. She might be frustrated due to some other reasons according to some sources. We still need to confirm the exact reason behind her being insensitive. This was all about the nurse’s viral video. We keep bringing such updates to our websites. Stay tuned for more details. 

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