Video: Cheetah runs at a speed of 120 km on the Internet, the speed surprised people

A video of a cheetah is going viral on social media these days. So that he can be seen running at full speed. Everyone is awestruck by this charisma of nature and reacts by commenting.

Cheetahs are seen running at full speed

Image credit source: Twitter/ @fasc1nate

In the family of big cats, the cheetah is an animal known for its agility and speed, and this is its biggest identity. It is considered to be the fastest animal living on land, reaching a speed of 120 kilometers per hour in just one short jump. Even supercars fail on their speed front. Although nowadays The biggest concern is their existence. Today there are very few cheetahs in the world, efforts are being made to save them. That’s why whenever a video related to them appears on the internet, people like it a lot. share We do. One such video has surfaced these days.

The video shows a cheetah running at full speed. Users are amazed by its long jump as no other animal in the forest can compete with such speed. It is not under the control of any other creature. You will be surprised to know that this animal can reach a speed of 130 km per hour in a short jump and can increase its speed to 103 km per hour in just 3 seconds, where it can cover a distance of 460 miles in a run. The same speed which is faster than the speed of most supercars.

Watch the video here

In the viral video, you can see a cheetah running at a very fast speed. This time, he quickly increases his speed by running and then quickly jumps. Seeing the race of this leopard has created a stir in people’s minds. How cheetah runs are recorded. That is absolutely awesome. This video created excitement among people.

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This video was shared on Twitter by a Twitter account named @fasc1nate. As of writing this news, more than one crore people have seen it and are giving their feedback by commenting. One user said, ‘Cheetah tricks should never be doubted.’ Another user wrote, ‘Its charisma of nature..’ Another user wrote, ‘Its pickup is more than a supercar.’ Apart from this, others have also commented.


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