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The things which were considered taboo are openly seen on the OTT platform. There are many people who think that love scenes are not meant to watch and are always criticized and that is why the censor board cuts all such scenes despite giving them an adult certificate. But there are many OTT websites available that are particularly focused on the adult category and it is quite shocking that these websites are earning a good amount. Ullu is one such adult website that releases many adult web series every week but every time the craze of watching it is always the same and sometimes audience gets super excited to watch it more.

Watchman Part 2 Web Series

Watchman Part 2 Web Series Review

The platform has released several adult web series, and this time as well it has returned with the 2nd sequence of a popular web series titled “Watchman”. Now after successfully winning the heart of the people, the makers are ready to entertain the audience with its 2nd part titled “Watchman Part 2”. There are many people who present here after watching the trailer for the 2nd part of the series. This series is full of lust and erotic scenes and that is why many people are getting attracted to it.

However, this platform can disappoint those people who want to watch a good storyline as the main focus of the makers of this website is only on portraying erotic and hot scenes. That is why most of the stories make no sense and capture only hot scenes. This is one such story where the main protagonist is a watchman of society and he has bad eyes on every woman who resides there. In order to trap them, he made a plan and start making them read a letter to him. He said that this letter is sent by his wife and he is uneducated and that is why he isn’t able to read it and asks them to read it for him.

Storyline Of Watchman Part-2

The 2nd part of the series is the continuation of the 1st part and the watchman is still doing his tactic things and making 3 women part of his fantasy. This quirky hot comedy web series is promising to give more fun and bold scenes which we can watch in its trailer. The name of the watchman is Mohan and the 3 main women of the show are named Chhaya, Mamta, and Tanu. In the first part of the series, the cunning watchman does all the possible things to make ladies for him. He used the letter of his imaginary wife in order to pull the attention of these women.

His plan looks to be on the verge of its success as all these 3 women were seeing interested in reading his letter and imagined themselves in the place of his wife. However, a twist came in the series which we know going to watch in the 2nd part of the series. In the 2nd part, we will watch his love affairs with Tanya and Mamta come to an end but he still chases Chhaya. Tanya and Mamta’s husband came back and they shoo him away. But he still has hope and is keen on hitting Chhaya who is not aware of his plan to have a physical relationship with her.

In the 2nd part, we will watch that watchman do all possible things to attract the attention of Chhaya. The trailer of the 2nd part is out in which we can see that Mamta and Tanya scorned him and ask him to not come again. Now after that, he starts making a double effort and wants to sleep with Chhayaa. The caption of the new trailer is also quite interesting as it reads that “Where are we out of sight, Where are we helpless in love, We look for them every day, But how do they know where we are.” The trailer of the series has got 2.5 likes along with 117,689 views which means people are really interested in watching it.

Release Date Of Watchman Part 2

Just like the 1st part, the 2nd part of the series is quite interesting to watch and the audience will be able to watch it on Tuesday, 7th February 2023. Ullu usually releases its web series on Tuesdays and this time as well they are releasing the 2nd part of the series. This series stars Tanya Chatterjee, Priya Gamre, and Aritaa Paul who plays the roles of Tanya, Mamta, and Chhayaa. This platform is subscription-based which means the audience needs to buy the subscription first. Apart from it, there are other web series available to watch on this platform. The audience needs to watch the 1st part in order to understand the 2nd part. So readers, do not forget to watch this series and share your views with us and keep visiting this platform in order to know more such updates.

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