Tyre Sampson Autopsy Report and Photos: Who are His Parents?

The postmortem report of Tyre Sampson is presently in demand and people want to know the cause of the demise. The deceased was only 14 years old and that is why people want to know what happened to her and how he passed away. As per mentioned in the postmortem report which states that, the 14-year-old, Tyre Sampson passed away in the month of March after falling off the Orlando FreeFall ride. The postmortem had done by the Orange County Medical Examiner. The cause of the boy was specified to be blunt force trauma and his manner of demise was determined to be “accidental”.

Tyre Sampson

Tyre Sampson Death Case

As per the report, Sampson weighed hardly 100 pounds more than the permitted passenger weight for the 430-foot drop tower ride that he was taking at ICON Park in Orlando. The papers of the medical examiner read that “The body is that of a well-developed obese, 383 pounds, 74 inches, black male looking older than recorded age of fourteen years. The study explains several external and internal fractures, abrasions and lacerations. Now people want to know what is more is mentioned in the autopsy report.

Tyre Sampson

As per the postmortem reports, Sampson sustained many abrasions and fractures to his neck, torso, and head because of “blunt force trauma” as per the chief medical examiner, who also determined the reason for his demise. The 14-year-old, Tyre Sampson boy watched falling from an amusement park ride and was instantly admitted to the medical institution where the doctor announced that he passed away because of blunt force trauma. As per the press announcement, the demise was an accident.

As per the report issued in the month of April, Sampson fell out of his seat because of the safety sensor that had been manually modified. The family of them stated he weighed more than 300 pounds, more than the 287-pound weight limit of the ride. The demise of Tyre Sampson was the result of the sad accident. We are trying to make contact with the family members of Tyre. After this incident, Trevor Arnold of GrayRobinson P.A., the legal agent of Orlando Slingshot released a statement in which he states that “We are committed to collaborating with our lawmakers in order to improve the safety of the amusement park sector.”

On 24th April, the lawyers of the family of Sampson lodged a wrongful demise complaint, accusing many organisations linked the to International Drive attraction of carelessness. Dodd and Yarnell Sampson the parents of Tyre Sampson lodged the wrongful demise lawsuit against the owner of the ride of the amusement park, the SlingShot Group and the firm that made the harnesses and the seats of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. They just only want justice for their son which is their right.

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