Tyre Nichols Video Body Cam Shows Beating Goes Viral Internet: Twitter and Reddit Reacts

Not only explicit videos but death videos can disturb netizens. Nobody wants to watch such videos but still, some people posted them online and they also went viral. This time as well a video is posted online but this time police have posted this video. The graphics of the video is quite uneasy to watch and make people uncomfortable. But still many people are showing their interest in the death news of Tyre Nichols. The reason for the interest of the people in this news is the brutality of the police which takes the life of an innocent man. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Tyre Nichols

Tyre Nichols Video Body Cam

It is not the first time that police are facing such blames even before that many police officer has been suspended for such cases. As usual, police are denying the charges or blame made on him but the autopsy reports are clearly stating that the deceased was brutally beaten by police. There are many people who still don’t know the details of the case and that is why they came here to find details about this case. In this blog, we are sharing all the details which we know about this case and the progress of the case. Scroll down to know more about it.

As per the reports, the 29-year-old, Tyre Nichols was the man who lost his life at the hands of 5 police officers. He was stopped by the police on 7th January 2023 for the charges of reckless driving and 5 police officers brutally assaulted him. He was admitted to the hospital in serious condition and after the treatment of 3 days, he lost his life. On 10th January 2023, he took his last breath. Now the autopsy reports clearly point out that this black man was seriously beaten by the police. This report was shared by his family’s lawyers.

According to the reports, The Memphis Police Department has fired 5 officers and all of them are black. On Tuesday, 24th January 203, the lawyers of Mr. Nichols issued a statement that includes information from a forensic pathologist. Apart from it, new reports are stating that Memphis Police Department states they are preparing to issue the graphic body cam footage of the arrest of the 29-year-old black man. Cerelyn Davis, the police chief updated the public on the night of Wednesday, 25th January 2023, stating the video will be issued “in the upcoming days”.

He also gives the assurance that the police will take the matter seriously and provide their full cooperation to investigators of this case. The departure of Nichols has sparked outrage throughout the country and people want justice for him. The police department of Memphis states that Nichols began complaining about difficulty in breathing at the time of the arrest and soon after he was admitted to the hospital where he took his last breath.

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