Triple Homicide Rosemont: 3 stabbed to death in Montreal, 1 arrested

A horrifying incident has been reported in which 3 people lost their lives. Shockingly, a teen has been detained in this case and police are currently investigating the matter and trying to fetch more information regarding this. This case has covered the attention of the world and people are looking for more information about it and want to know why the teen stabbed the 3 people. As per the latest report, Montreal police detained a 19-year-old suspect Friday, 17th March 2023 after 3 individuals were stabbed to demise in the Rosemont neighbourhood of Montreal.


Triple Homicide Rosemont
Photo Source: GlobalNews

Triple Homicide Rosemont

The police have shared the information of the suspect who has been identified as 19-year-old, Arthur Galarneau. He stated to have a history of mental health problems and he has even been admitted to the hospital many times. The police are stating that the sufferers and the suspect are connected to each other and that is why he stabbed them. People are looking to know more about this case and want to know about sufferers. Julien Levesque, the mouthpiece of SPVM stated cops get a call on emergency number 911 at around 09:20 AM, reporting the person “in need” in the building on Belanger Street close to Viau Boulevard. Scroll down to know more about this case.

He stated that “When police officers come up on the site they located 3 suffered further added that the bodies had “marks of violence”. According to the reports, the object he used for this crime is sharp. He stated that the prober would talk to the suspect later on. Apart from it, the video of the forceful detained is making rounds all over the web. This video recorded by a witness named Melanie Jourdain, views police officers wrestling the suspect to the ground, blooded and barefoot, outside the dual presently for sale. There are many people who want to know about the details of the victims.

However, cops have not asserted information on the sex and age of the sufferers. Police are currently investigating the matter and neighbours are presently being interrogated. Patients and workers had to go to the medical institute identified as Montreal Heart Institute, located throughout the street from the crime scene and were told to go to the facility through access instead of the main gate. After this incident, residents are worried for their safety. Local citizen Collette Bouchut stated that the neighbourhood has changed in previous years. She stated that “This area used to be very quiet, but now it looks like every week there is something going on. You begin to wonder. I used to walk here but now, you always wonder what is going to occur.”

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