Traders took to the streets to save the existence of Vrindavan, protests outside the Bankebihari temple

Tagore has come out to protest the local traders about Bankebihari temple corridor. Local traders have started a movement against the temple corridor. where he held a placard against the corridor.

Local people descended on Bendbehari Corridor.

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of Uttar Pradesh Mathura There is a stir in the district over Thakur Banke Bihari Corridor. Where people are continuously protesting against Bendibehari Corridor. Because, people say that the existence of Vrindavan, by which Braja is known, will cease to exist due to the construction of the corridor of Bendevihari in Vrindavan. The traders of Bankebihari temple protested by tying black bands and took out a flag procession on foot on Thursday. With that slogans. At that time local people protested against Bankebihari temple corridor with placards.

In fact, there was a major accident at the world famous Tagore Banke Bihari temple on the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami last year, in which around two to three devotees died, after which the Uttar Pradesh government decided to make the Tagore Banke Bihari temple. For further expansion, Bankebihari intends to build the corridor, for which hearings are ongoing in the Allahabad High Court.

What is the matter?

Under this a few days ago a site was also identified in the vicinity of Bihari temple in Thakur Bank, where more than three hundred houses and buildings were also identified, due to which the local Goswami and businessmen are strongly opposing it. . They say that if the corridor is built here, the existence of the people here will end and the livelihood of the person who works here all day long will also end.

The businessman said that he threatened to suffer the consequences of the construction of the corridor

Let me tell you, from Vidyapeeth Chauraha to Dauji Tiraha and Tha. A peace procession was taken out till Bankebihari temple on Thursday. At this time, placards were kept in hand to protest the corridor. He will protest against it from Friday. Local traders threatened the administration with dire consequences for freely constructing the corridor. He said, threats have been made to start a movement to tear down the ancient form of the Bankebihari temple and the Kunj road.

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Businessmen are saying that we will not tolerate this at all. That is why we are performing consistently. Even the traders have said that if the work on the corridor is not stopped, we traders will close their shops and protest strongly. He said, “Our only demand is that the Bihari Temple Corridor should not be built at Tagore Vrindavan Bend.”


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