What Happened To Tony Mokbel Niece Keana Mokbel? Death after car accident in Melbourne

Shock waves are coming from Heidelberg where a fatal accident. Reportedly, the victim who died in the crash was identified as the niece of the notorious drug lord Tony Mokbel. Yes, you heard it right, Tony Mokbel’s niece Keana Mokbel has passed away. She died after involving in a fatal accident. Since Keana Mokbel’s death news broke out it has been trending all over social media. Meanwhile, people have been thrown into a frenzy about the circumstances surrounding Keana Mokbel’s car accident. What went wrong before her accident and what led to the fatal accident? Lots of questions have been swiveling among people regarding Keana Mokbel’s death. However, we have tried to answer each and every imperative question related to it. Stick with this page and keep reading this article for more details.

Tony Mokbel Niece Keana Mokbel

Tony Mokbel Niece Keana Mokbel’s car accident

The news of Keana Mokbel’s demise instantly started trending on the news channels as she was the niece of infamous drug lord Tony Mokbel. According to the reports, Keana Mokbel’s accident happened on Sunday night at around 8:50 pm on Southern Road in Heidelberg West in Melbourne. Keana Mokbel died at a premature age. She was just 25 years of age. Scroll down and read more details about her.

People in large numbers have been talking about Keana Mokbel’s demise as she was the niece of Tony Mokbel who is serving a 30-year sentence as he was found guilty of drug trafficking. Reportedly, Tony Mokbel has been informed about Keana Mokbel’s tragic demise. Meanwhile, he reached out to his family from prison. What were the circumstances surrounding Keana Mokbel’s car accident? This question is prevailing in many people’s minds. We dug deep on the web and followed various reports to collect information about it. So be sticky with it and must go through the following sections.

Tony Mokbel Niece Keana Mokbel

Who was Keana Mokbel?

As per the sources, Keana Mokbel’s vehicle plowed into a tree on Southern Road in Heidelberg West, Melbourne on Sunday at around 8:50 pm. It was speculated whether the notorious uncle of Keana Mokbel, Tony Mokbel will attend her funeral or not. Recently, it was announced that Tony Mokbel is likely to miss the funeral services of his niece. But he is aware of the incident and has spoken to the family. The drug lord was taken to hospital last month for a medical emergency. He is currently 57 years of age and has developed some age-related ailments such as blood clots. Currently, Tony Mokbel is held at Barwon Prison. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Tony Mokbel Niece Keana Mokbel
Tony Mokbel

Meanwhile, tributes have been pouring in for Keana since she was pronounced dead. Keana was also referred to as a pocket rocket who had an infectious smile. Odeta Lame shared a couple of pictures of Keana Mokbel and wrote, “To my beautiful Keana Mokbel no words can explain how much love I have for you. I can’t believe you’re gone and yet you are. You have impacted my life in a way that losing you it’s like losing a part of me, you were my person, you became my sister that I thought I was gonna have as part of my life forever. I’m gonna miss your silly laugh, your 1 hour story times, the 100 Snapchat that you’d send me every day, your presence, your love and most of all you. You called me your angel the other day and now you’ve become mine. I love you my twin flame and you’ll always hold a special place in my heart.” Scroll down the page and read more details.

Tony Mokbel Niece Keana Mokbel

Tribute Pours In As Keana Mokbel Killed In Car Accident

Hundred of people have expressed their sorrow over Keana Mokbel’s tragic passing. Julia Triantafillous said she was always the brightest person in the room. Her spirit will surround you and watch over you forever, sending my love Odeta. While Chrissy Manetas said to Odeta sorry for your loss she was a beautiful girl in and out. I can’t believe she has gone, life is so cruel, fly high Keana.

Tony Mokbel Niece Keana Mokbel

Since her death news was confirmed, Keana Mokbel’s funeral has been in question. People are seeking the details of the funeral for her but the funeral details are yet to be confirmed. But you can send condolences and prayers to Keana’s family this Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 pm to 9 pm at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church 230 Normandy Avenue, Thornbury VIC 3071. Keana was a young lady full of life, she was loved by all and will be dearly missed but never forgotten.

Tony Mokbel Niece Keana Mokbel

While expressing his sorrow Savva Papas shared a video of Keana, both of them dancing at a nightclub and enjoying the party. Savva said he has no words, he is speechless and in shock after coming across this news. An investigation must be under process. More details about Keana Mokbel’s accident are to come out soon. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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