Who Is Tanner Watkins? Arrested, 2 men charged in connection with deadly Sikeston shooting

The cases of the shooting are getting on the nerves of the police. Many innocent lives are becoming the prey of these freak criminals who are not even thinking twice before killing people whom they even don’t know and have no connection with. These cases are getting quite often to hear but every time it boiled our blood and made us think that how these criminals easily committed such crimes despite knowing that the punishment for this crime is quite strict and numbers are constantly increasing. Well, at present we came here to share one such news which might already distress you. Recently a shooting incident happened and the suspects are detained.

Tanner Watkins Arrested

Tanner Watkins Arrested

Now people want to know who are these suspects and where the shooting happened and how many people suffered in it. According to Sikeston DPS reports 2 suspects have been apprehended after the shooting that happened at a park within the Sikeston city limits. The suspects who are arrested were identified as Kaleb M. Ramsey, 18 and Tanner Watkins, 20 of Scott County. Both suspects are facing the charges of 1st-degree murder, 3 counts of assault 1st-degree, 4 counts of unlawful use of a weapon, and armed criminal action.

Tanner Watkins Arrested

After hearing the arrest news of these suspects, the public is in relief and they are demanding a lifetime in prison to them. There are many people who want to know the motive of their crime. The reports state that this incident happened on the afternoon of 25th April 2023 in the 300-block Industrial Drive located in Sikeston that resulted in the passing of an 18-year-old and another 18-year-old sufferer who was wounded and instantly admitted to the hospital. After the shooting incident was reported, Sikeston police took the matter into their hands and launched a probe. The police state that the incident began over an argument on social media.


The argument gets intense and they agree to meet at Rotary Park in order to fight. Soon the argument turned into a violation and gunfire was exchanged leaving 1 person dead and another wounded. This shows that intense anger has actually become a serious issue and it needs to be resolved soon otherwise we will hear such cases in the future. Now looking at the matter and the statements given by the police department. One such statement states that they get many calls in the afternoon of Tuesday, 25th April 2023 for reports of gunfire close by Rotary Park on Industrial Drive in Sikeston. Cops state that when they got to the scene they were able to determine there had been a brawl between many individuals at the park.

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