Scandal Episode 29th April 2023 Tonight’s full episode updates

The scandal has been a well-known series. It has just launched its recent episode on 27th April 2023. People are curious to know more about the episode and what happened in it. If you have missed the episode, you are at the right place. keep reading for more details about Scandal 27th April 2023.

Scandal Episode 29th April 2023 Tonight’s full episode updates

What Happened In Scandal Episode 27th April 2023?

The Scandal Episode 27th April 2023 starts with the girl talking to a guy. The guy says that he was doing everything for their future but how can she do this? The girl asks whether she is still in his heart. She replies that she will always be in his heart.

The girl is being said that you should not settle for second best. She replies that she knows she deserves the best. The next scene shows a guy who is guilty of his actions and wants to apologize for the same. He says that it will never repeat again. He asks for forgiveness. The other scene shows a woman and a man trying to be romantic where he asks about his nose bleeds. She finds it quite unromantic.

He was not able to erect. He went and asks about his problem and he came to know that this also happened due to lack of diabetes, and high blood pressure. While on the other hand, the guy who apologizes for his mistakes says that he is taking pills while she replies back that she did research according to which he should not take any pills as they make him weak.

The next scene shows Phakamile and a guy who dropped her at her work. He came to know that she works at a bar. He says that she does not need to get worried about it and works openly. She asks whether he told nqo? He replied that he won’t tell anyone without her permission.

She gets angry with the guy, Jojo. He asks another guy about a job. He says that he has found a decent job for her where she will get good pay, good working hours, and time for her sister. She says that she will think about it. While the next scene shifts to that guy not being able to erect while his partner brings her a powdery substance, Muthy. She tells her that this is the solution for the same. He rejects it while she requests him to try it at least once. Stay tuned for more details.

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