Sam Holtham swimming accident details

This is to inform you that a person has been induced into a coma after getting involved in a horrific swimming accident. The victim of the accident is known as Sam Holtham. Here we came up with this column to help Sam Holtham’s family in bringing Sam Holtham back home. Currently, they are dealing with an extremely difficult time. Since Sam Holtham’s swimming accident news broke out, people who know him are keeping his family in their prayers. But many are also seeking details about the circumstances surrounding Sam Holtham’s swimming accident. This news is one of the most trending stories on social media and news channels. In fact, a lot of questions are being searched regarding this. We have come up with this column to answer each and every imperative question related to this topic. You are asked to stick with this page and must read the following sections. Scroll down.

Sam Holtham swimming accident

Sam Holtham’s swimming accident

We dug deep on the internet and tried to gather information related to Sam Holtham’s accident. But there is not much detail about Sam Holtham’s swimming accident. This is why it can not be explained at this point in time what were the circumstances surrounding Sam Holtham’s accident. However, we have details regarding the fundraiser that was created by Emma Thorpe on behalf of his family. Learn about it in the following sections.

Sam Holtham swimming accident

According to the fundraiser started by Emma Thorpe on behalf of Sam Holtham’s family, Sam Holtham’s birthday falls on the 4th of March but unfortunately, he has been in a swimming accident and is now on life support. Sam Holtham has slipped into a coma. Meanwhile, Sam’s family is heading out to be by his side. Thus, Emma Thorpe started a fundraiser to raise money to help them with the travel costs. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Sam Holtham swimming accident

The amount collected by Sam Holtham’s fundraiser will be used directly by his family during this time. What is the target of the fundraiser for Sam Holtham? Reportedly, Emma Thorpe has not set a target because he wants to raise as much money as possible because the flight alone has already cost them $25,000. Sam Holtham’s family is traveling from New Zealand to North Queensland, Australia. This is why they need huge financial help from people. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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