Russian school shooting, gunman shoots multiple people, commits suicide

The school has been evacuated and the area cordoned off, officials said. No information has yet been released on who the attacker was and what his motive was.

Russian school shooting.

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Russia A gunman attacked a school on Monday morning, killing 6 and injuring 20. The governor of Udmurtia region, Alexander Brochalov, released a video showing an unidentified assailant entering a school in the region’s capital, Izhevsk. He killed a security guard and some children present there. “There are children among the dead,” Brechalov said. People were also injured.

The school in Russia where the attack took place taught students from classes 1 to 11. The gunman also shot himself, according to the governor and local police. The school has been evacuated and the area cordoned off, the official said. No information has yet been released on who the attackers were and what their motive was. 640,000 people live in Izhevsk. It is located west of the Ural Mountains region of central Russia, about 960 km east of Moscow.

A new beginning of war

It should be noted that this incident has come to the fore at a time when Russia Ukraine 3 million people have been asked to enlist in the army against Ukraine as the war resumes. In simple words, 300,000 men will be mobilized into the army. These people will be mobilized who already have military experience. Russia says the move is necessary to ensure the safety of people living in Russian-occupied territories.

President Putin recently addressed the country on TV and warned the West that Russia will take all possible measures to defend its territory and this is not just rhetoric. Putin said the expansion of the border line, continued shelling of Russian border areas by Ukrainian forces, and the withdrawal of troops from reserves were necessary for attacks on liberated areas. A day before the Russian president’s speech, the Russian-held regions of southern and eastern Ukraine announced that they would hold a referendum between September 23 and 27 to become an integral part of Russia.

After Putin’s speech, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said 300,000 reservists would be called up for a partial deployment. A reservist is a person who is a member of the ‘Military Reserve Force’. It is the civilian who is given military training and can be deployed anywhere when needed.


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