Redmond Homicide: Suspected double murder of couple

A shocking incident took place in Redmond where a couple was killed after a stalker invaded their house in the morning. This incident took place on Friday, March 10, 2023, when a stalker who is believed to be from Texas broke into a house. The Redmond Police Department reported that a man and a woman were killed in their home on Friday morning. What actually happened there? We have mentioned all the information given by Redmond Police Department after the preliminary investigation. Innumerable questions must be swiveling among netizens regarding the same. This story is buzzing enormously on every social networking site. Meanwhile, we brought this column to you to discuss this story. In the following sections of this column, we have shed light on every imperative aspect of this topic. So be sticky with this page and must go through the following sections. Drag down the page.

Redmond Homicide

Redmond Homicide

Reportedly, the cause of death of the husband and wife was a fatal gunshot wound. They were shot dead on Friday morning when a stalker broke into their house in Redmond. The Redmond Police Department stated that the wife who was shot dead at her Redmond home was a stalking victim and she also had registered a no-contact restraining order against a man from Texas. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Redmond Homicide

The woman who was found dead at her home on Friday morning was 33 years old. She filed a restraining order against a man from Texas. The stalker is said to be 38 years old and he is known as Ramin Khodakaramrezaei. A spokesperson for Redmond Police Department stated that the department dispatched a unit of officers to a house on the 16700 block of NE 89th Street in Redmond around 1:45 am on Friday morning after getting informed about shots fired inside the home. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Redmond Homicide

The informer was the mother of the woman who was killed by stalker Khodakaramrezaei. Her mom was able to come out of the house after hearing the gunshots. She called 911 and informed the police. The officers of the Redmond Police Department found a 35-year-old man, his husband, lying on the surface. The responding officers tried to perform CPR but he died. Later, officers discovered the wife and stalker Khodakaramrezaei dead inside the home. Both were gunshot wounds. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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