Rakhi Sawant became Fatima by marrying Adil, now the fear of love jihad!

Actress Rakhi Sawant has been making regular headlines ever since she announced her marriage to Adil. But in this case Adil is believed to have denied the marriage.


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Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant is once again in the headlines for her personal life. Rakhi surprised everyone by sharing her wedding pictures with boyfriend Adil. Rakhi said that she married Adil 7 months ago. Apart from Nikah, seven Rakhi and Adil also performed court marriages. The actress also revealed that Adil asked her to keep the marriage a secret.

Rakhi Sawant recently said in an interview that Adil is not talking to her right now. There is a lot of pressure on Adil, from his family and people. Rakhi says she got cheated, Adil has relationship with someone else. Even after marrying him she is with someone else. Seeing this act of Adil, Rakhi decided to show the truth of his marriage in front of everyone.

During an interview, Rakhi said that she fears that the same may happen to her, which is happening these days. Listening to Rakhi, it seemed that she was hinting at love-jihad. The actress also showed photos and legal documents related to her marriage. To make it clear Rakhi Sawant also converted and married Adil. Named Fatima and married Adil.

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Let us tell you, the actress was in the limelight for her marriage and then divorce with Ritesh. Adil came into Rakhi’s life after Ritesh. But the status of his second marriage is also in front of everyone. Even though Rakhi was spotted with Adil, users were still seen commenting on their relationship. Both have been trolled many times.


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