Obituary: Cassidy Murray Aruba Boating Accident: Who Are Cassidy Murray’s Parents?

Cassidy Murray died in a boat accident. It occurred in March 2022. The parents are in complete shock after the incident.  

You will get complete information about Cassidy Murray’s accident. Keep reading for more details.  

Cassidy Murray

What Happened to Cassidy Murray? 

Cassidy Murray was thirteen years old when she died. She was boating in Aruba last time. The whole family came to the Caribbean for a vacation. The vacation was her last one.  

Many people posted on social media and paid tribute to her. Her parents were disappointed at first. Later, they started working to create awareness about waterfront safety. They partnered with Aruba officials. 

She was thirteen years old when she lost her life. The family was happy celebrating their free time together during the vacation.  

Cassidy Murray

She fell into the water. She was not able to come up. Unfortunately, she drowns. The boat driver was having difficulty controlling the boat. She was not able to come out and was stuck. 

People are wondering whether she was wearing a life jacket or not. She was actually wearing a life jacket. She was not able to save herself as she was stuck in the boat.  

The investigators researched the mishappening. The reports said that she was not died because of negligence. She died accidentally.  

Cassidy Murray

Who Are Cassidy Murray’s Parents?

Cassidy Murray’s mother, Linda, did not believe the reports. She said her daughter died because of the driver’s negligence. People are also eager to know more about her even more. 

She was in studying in seventh class at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  

People appreciated her as she is a kindhearted person. She was very cheerful in her life. Her school has mentioned that she had the ability to unite people with her smile and kindness. 

Her sense of humor was also appreciated by everyone around her. Adam was his brother. He studies in the 10th class at BBNS. Her interest was in playing hockey. She also belongs to Irish ethnic background.  

Cassidy Murray

In ceramic classes, she used to make plates and mugs. Her mother is Linda, and her father is Dave. She was the youngest in her family.  

Her parents are on a mission to create awareness in collaboration with Aruba officials. They tried hard to protect her but were unable to do so.  

She left the world along with her dreams and desires at a young age. People will remember her in their hearts. We wish her family strength to overcome this situation. 

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