Nnamdi Okonkwo Arrested: Why did First Bank MD get Arrested? Get Details About the Incidence

The managing director of First Bank is said to be arrested. People are curious to know the reason behind the arrest. His full name is Nnandi Okonkwo. 

You will get complete details about the incident in this video. Keep reading for more details. 

Nnamdi Okonkwo Arrested

Why Nnandi Okonkwo Was Arrested? 

The managing director of First Bank of Nigeria is arrested for the investigation process of former minister of petroleum resources, Diezani Alison. 

Sources say that the amount of $72,870,000 million (about $220,000 per person in the US) is still in the coffers of the bank.  

The anti-graft agency claims that both Nnandi and Diezani helped each other to deliver the money to other places.  

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They kept $40 million with the former executive director, public sector accountant, and Mr. Dauda Lawal. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has taken help from Justice Muslim Hassan to direct the funds to the Federal Government. 

Okonkwo was found to be a part of the fraud committed in the bank. He was arrested after the police got the intimation about his involvement. 

Millions of money are involved in the process. What will happen next? The investigators are trying to find out every detail about the incident. 

More Details About First Bank of Nigeria: 

First Bank Of Nigeria is a multinational bank. It was first founded in 1894 and named as Bank of British West India. Later, it was renamed as Bank of Nigeria in 1979. 

There are 13 subsidiaries of the Bank of Nigeria. The bank is major in Nigeria. The recent activities in the bank are putting it in danger.  

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Its branches are available in different countries on the American and Asian continents. The best part is that the bank’s revenue is among the top international banks in the world. 

The economy of Nigeria is growing economy. The recent activities involved money in the millions.  

Conclusion Of the Arrest Case Of Okonkwo: 

Okonkwo was arrested last evening. People want this case to be solved as soon as possible. They were not expecting this from the director of the bank. 

The case is still going on. The anti-graft agency claims that Diezani Siphoned $153 million from the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation.  

The EFCC (Economic Finance Crime Commission) is working on the case. This was all about the arrest of the Managing Director of First Bank of Nigeria. We keep bringing such updates to our website.  

Stay tuned for more details about your economy and other trends. 

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