Nadja De Jager Husband Herman De Jager: Kids Alexander And Maximus Found Dead

Here we are going to share a new update on Nadija De Jager’s death case. As the case was that Jager killed her son and after she took her own life. This news was so viral on the internet for the past few days. This news has broken the hearts of a lot of people. This news shocked the whole internet. This news has left a lot of questions in people’s minds. But the new turn, In this case, is that people want to know about  Nadija De Jager’s husband. His husband has grabbed the attention of everyone on social media as people are thinking that his husband has done something wrong to her that’s why she took this step. So we have gathered so much information about his case and we will tell you the details of her husband and the updates on this case. So, Read the whole article.

Nadja De Jager Husband Herman De Jager

Nadja De Jager Husband Herman De Jager

This news has become very controversial on the internet. People on the internet are very sad for her. The police are currently investigating this case. This is a very horrific incident. Netizens want to know about Nadija’s husband her husband’s name is Herman De Jager. He is currently being investigated by the police. Nadija and Herman got separated in the past. But here is not too much information about his husband.

Nadja De Jager Husband Herman De Jager

According to the Metropolitan Police, forensic experts have been searching for a car that is a part of this whole incident. And also they told that detectives are not seeking anyone else in the inquiry. One neighbor has told the police that their grandmother used to transport the two children in a wheelchair. The child toy has become a huge mystery in this case. People are very confused about this case. People are making new theories about this case and there is a new rumor spreading every day on the internet about this murder-suicide mystery.

Nadja De Jager Husband Herman De Jager

Nadija De Jager’s son’s name was Alexander and Maximus who was found dead in the house along with Nadija. Their home was in Belvedere, southeast London. Nadija’s age was 47 years old, Her son Maximus’s age was 7, and Alexander’s age was 9. A hearing was held on Croydon Corner’s Court on Friday. That was a total five minutes hearing to commence an interrogation of each of the three fatalities. Police haven’t shared every detail about this case till now. We are trying to fetch some more details about this horrific case which we will share with you soon on this page. So, stay tuned with us.

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