Why did Mohammad Mehdi Karami Sentence To Death? Iranian Karate Athlete Arrest and Charge

Mohammad Mehdi Karami is said to be sentenced to death. People want to know more about the incident. What happened to him? You will get complete details about Iranian Karate Athlete, Mohammad Mehdi Karami. Keep reading for more details.

Mohammad Mehdi Karami

What Happened To Iranian Karate Athlete, Mohammad Mehdi Karami?

Mohammad Mehdi Karami was sentenced to death when he was 21 or 22 years old. The reason behind it is said to be his Mahsa Amini demonstrations participation. He was said to be a part of the murder of Basij Militiaman while the Kuraj rallies were going on, which was to mark the 40th day anniversary of Hadis Najafi’s passing. He has been said to be involved in spreading corruption on Earth. It is also translated into Fisad-e-Filarz.

After the Mahsa Amini demonstrations, many are said to be hail while many are said to be conducting crimes. Mohammad Mehdi Karami was hanged on 7th January 2023 according to the state-affiliated news agency. Karami was threatened with rape and was assaulted. The protest has been going on. His parents also requested the Iranian authorities for their son. His parents begged the government for supporting the execution.

He was ill-treated in the prison. He was abused so much that he was left in trauma. According to the lawyer of Karami, he was not given any chance to speak to his family for the last time. He was on a dry food hunger strike for the last three days. Mohammad Mehdi Karami and thirteen other men were arrested for the murder of Ajamian. While the proof does not support the fact that he was a suspect in the murder.

He mentioned that when he was arrested, he was hit by the security. He became unconscious because of being hit by security. While they thought that he has passed away. He was abused physically and emotionally by the government agents. When he was thrown at a courthouse after being hit, they came to know that he is still alive. The authorities tortured him to a great extent. He was full of tears. He was also electrically shocked by the officials.

This was all about Karami being sentenced to death. He was sentenced on 7th January 2023. He was said to be innocent. There is also no proof against him. People have started protesting. We will update you as soon as we get to know more about the incident. Stay tuned for more details.

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