Mick Slattery illness: Who Is Mick Slattery Wife? Hawkwind’s star dies aged 77

This article has been drafted in the context of sharing the death news of a musical personality. The fans are searching for the details of the passing and paying tribute to him. The deceased was recognized as Mick Slattery who was the guitarist of the popular band. We are constantly hearing the departure news of many musical artists and it is hurtful to hear more. The fans are sad and this news has brought a shockwave in the musical community. At the time of passing, he was 77 years old. His fans are searching to determine the cause of his death along with the details of his wife. We are hoping that this blog, will help you to give the answers to your all questions.

Mick Slattery

Mick Slattery’s illness and wife

The late guitarist was one of the founding members of the rock band which is known as Hawkwind. This rock band initially performed at All Saints Hall located in Notting Hill. The lack of a band name meant they were at first known as Group X. Later on, the band changed the name reportedly because of his flat habit of Turner of clearing his nose and breaking wind. In the further addition to this, Slattery played on an original version of Hurry on Sundown. His band has given many hit albums and established itself in the music industry.

Mick Slattery

In the year 1969, Mike left the band instead of him Huw Lloyd-Langton joined the band as a guitarist. In the spite of it, he continued to record music with performers who had played in Hawkwind. At present his death news has pulled a lot of attention and people want to know If he was married or not and what happened to him. Admirers and well-wishers are paying tribute to him through social media platforms. The fans of Slattery are asking questions connected to this married life. Though it is not known whether he was wedded or not. The late guitarist never like to talk much about his personal life and he always kept his personal life to himself.

Mick Slattery

Because of his introverted personality, none of the media outlets was able to fetch the details of his love life. That means, at present, we don’t know whether he was wedded or not. His love life was also not come fore and he was never spotted with anyone. He was a kind loving person and his bandmates and fans really loved him. This is the reason that they are mourning his passing and flooded social media with condolences and tributes. His passing news surfaced on the web on Friday, 17th March 2023. His death news is officially confirmed by the Hawkwind band.

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