WATCH: Marly Rivera Ivon Gaete Viral Video Shows ‘F***ing C***’ Diss In Front Of Aaron Judge Sparks Outrage Online

After so long, we came here to share the news of the viral video. It is obvious that only those videos that go viral have catchy content and most of the time it is offending and that is why people get interested in knowing it. One such video is in the news after it came into the limelight for some reason and shocked everyone. If you are quite active on social media then you know which video we are talking about and if you don’t know then don’t be get worried we will tell you in this blog. Recently a video surfaced on the web in which a reporter can be heard using cuss words to his fellow journalist and as expected the accused journalist lost his job.

Marly Rivera Video

Marly Rivera Ivon Gaete Viral Video

As per the reports, ESPN national baseball journalist identified as Marly Rivera has been lodged after an incident that happened at Yankee Stadium in which she used the words “f***ing c**t” toward a fellow female journalist over Aaron Judge. This news has been covered by multiple verified news websites so there is no chance of it being fake. Marly had been a canoe journalist on the Home Run Derby, some “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcasting, and is an ESPN Radio MLB playoff game analyst.

ESPN reporter Marly Rivera reportedly fired after viral video

She was outstanding in her work and Bilingual and brought a different perspective to the broadcasting; particularly when talking to Latin players. Not only this but she also penned for the digital platforms of ESPN. The media outlet states that “She is no longer working with ESPN”. The report states that the incident happened at Yankee Stadium. Prior to the Yankees-Angels game, the accused journalist and fellow journalist identified as Ivon Gaete had a disagreement when Gaete comes up in an attempt to get the interview of Judge.

Marly Rivera Video

According to the reports, Rivera states that she hold the time with the captain of Yankee and when she constantly attempted to inform Gaete of the appointment, Gaete ignored it. At the time of the heat of the disagreement, the accused journalist states the cuss word “f**ing c**t”. However, her behavior was captured in the video. As soon as this video surfaced on the web, it went viral and everyone is seen busy talking about it. Apart from it, after the recording of the incident, the accused attempted to apologize but the victim was quite offended and denied to accept his apology. Rivera talked to the media outlet and states that “I entirely accept responsibility for what I stated, which I should not have.”

Recently the video went viral over the internet and shocked people. Everyone like to know what happens between the two reporters, and why they are arguing.  The public was also got so shocked that how one reporter is saying that to another reporter while the camera is rolling. That was very disrespectful towards everyone present at that moment. The matter has grabbed the attention of the public and they are going over the internet to watch the full video. Everyone is searching the video to know what she said on the camera in front of everyone and they also like to know if there were any updates or any action taking place regarding this matter.

The whole footage of the incident in which MLB reporter Marly Rivera called another writer an “f—ing c-t” and was fired from ESPN has now surfaced. During last week’s game at Yankee Stadium, Rivera, who primarily covered the Yankees for the sports media behemoth and participated in its national baseball broadcasts, is seen addressing colleague reporter Gaete with the explicit statement. TMZ Sports was able to capture the entire exchange on camera, and it also happened quite close to Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees.

“Oh, what an absolute c—t”. Gaete responded with wide eyes, “Unbelievable,” Rivera can be heard saying to him. Before using obscenity, Rivera was speaking to Gaete fiercely in Spanish, indicating that she was not happy with her. The New York Post reports that Rivera had scheduled an interview with Judge with the Yankees, but Gaete, who was covering the story for Tokyo Broadcasting and had Los Angeles Angels sensation Shohei Ohtani in town, also attempted to speak with No. 99. It seems that’s what riled Rivera up because she afterwards tried to retract her statement. She is heard saying off-camera, “I wasn’t talking about you.”

After Gaete used horrible language, Rivera continued to ask her to communicate with her in Spanish, but Gaete—who is the wife of MLB Vice President of Communications John Blundell—did not want to hear it. Regarding Rivera, ESPN provided the following statement to Fox News Digital: She is no longer employed here. Rivera acknowledged her error as well. According to Rivera, “I fully accept responsibility for what I said, which I should not have,” he told the Post. Although there were mitigating circumstances, this in no way justifies my behaviour. 13-year ESPN veteran Rivera also mentioned that she felt “singled” out.

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