Missing: What happened to Makuach yak? Friends, relatives, police searching for basketball coach

Looks like, the sports industry is in the news more than sports grounds. As one after another, we are constantly hearing the news related to sports personalities whether it is death news or missing news. Earlier we shared the details of the death of a former Football player who was missing before his death. And now once again we appear here to share the details of the missing report of a basketball coach. Not only the family but the team of the coach is also worried for their coach and wants him to back home safely. Netizens are looking to know what happened to Makuach Yak and where he is. Is he found or still missing and what exactly occurred to him?

Makuach yak

What happened to Makuach yak?

We know that many of you want to know the same and are tired of reading incomplete news but don’t worry we will share all the details which we know related to it. As per the reports, Delray Beach police are keenly looking for the 30-year-old man who was last seen on Saturday, 20th May 2023. 2-3 days have passed but no one has heard anything about his whereabouts and his family as well as police are worried for his safety and want him back home. The missing person is a beloved 7th-grade travel baseball coach based in Boca Raton. He was allegedly last spotted on the morning of Saturday last week at his residence in the 300 block of Southwest 10th Avenue.

Makuach yak

He is a citizen of South Sudan and a traveling basketball coach who serves to construct basketball courts in East Africa when he is not in Florida coaching the 7th graders. The police have already logged the missing complaint and they are currently searching for him. The authorities who are working on his case state that Makuach Yak left behind his wallet, Apple Watch, and phone. Due to that, it is getting difficult for the police to find his track. His family is quite worried as he never left his Apple Watch and always wears it on his arm. He was last seen at his home and since then he never came back. Some are thinking that he left the home of his own will and some are believing that something serious has happened to him.

Makuach yak

Loved ones, family, and friends have joined the search efforts for the disappearance of a basketball coach. The search party has speculated that Yak might have left for the run in the morning prior to going to coach the AAU team. The photo and the appearance details of the suspect have already been shared on the web and police are requesting the public to give their contribution in order to find him. People are requested to contact the police if they find any trace of him.

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