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If you want to be in trend, you just only need to post something catchy and within a few seconds you get viral. But remember that negative things are more pulled attention as compared to positive ones and that is many people post something controversial content so that they can instantly come into the eyes of social media. There are many viral posts and videos you can find on social media which pulled a lot of attention and came forward in every short time again and again. One such viral video of a police officer has again come forward and people are still interested to know more about it.

This video was posted at the start of this year but due to its content people kept searching for it and once again they are searching for the information on Google. This police officer also became the subject of memes that people are sharing with each other. The name of this police officer is Maegan Hall. Yes, the same Maegan Hall who have taken the small media after she and 6 of her male co-workers were exposed for having se*ual affairs at the workplace. Having an affair is a big thing, particularly in the office and this woman had an affair with 6 men so it is obvious for her to get attention.

Earlier, the La Vergne police department has since attracted huge attention for the behaviour of the investigators. Those people who were found involved in the encounters have either been dismissed or temporarily suspended, and social media users have been again trolling Hall for her unexpected actions. Someone has posted her video again on Twitter, and other social media platforms and people are again searching for it. The officer, Maegan Hall is permanently suspended from her duties after she made headlines due to her involvement in se*ual relationships with fellow officers while on duty and inside the city-owned property.

She also reportedly participated in a “Girls Gone Wild” themed hot tub party where her c***t was exposed to other officers. The controversy was not over here, she was also blamed for sending NSFW photos and videos of her to co-officers. Maegan Hall also reportedly discussed having the “three-way” with the spouse of one of her co-workers, which allegedly never transpired. It is essential to remember that while the aforementioned events happened, the former officer was married to her college beau, Jedidiah.

Her husband is a state park ranger whose father is a pastor. Those officers who were involved with her asserted that Maegan informed them that she was in an open marriage and that her husband was not minded her having an affair with other men. Though her spouse was allegedly visibly upset when he watched his wife kissing the wife of another officer at the time of the party.

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