WATCH: Linus Ullmark Goal Video Circulated On Twitter Reacts As First Goalie Goal In Three Years

It is not necessary that every time a viral video show bold and scary things. Sometimes it records the happy moment of someone which brings happy tears to the eyes of anyone. Something similar we have to tell our readers which we recently got to know about it through a viral video. Don’t worry we are not sharing any scary news and this one brings a smile to your face. Recently, a video went viral on social media which shows the goal scored by a player. People are searching this video by using a specific keyword that reads “Linus Ullmark Goal video“.

Linus Ullmark Goal Video

Linus Ullmark Goal Video

Now those who don’t know about Linus, let us inform them that he is the Boston Bruins goaltender who recently created history on Friday, 24th February 2023 by obtaining the first goalie goal of the NHL in more than 2 years. The report states that the goal was the first of his career and aided the Bruins to obtain a 3-1 triumph over the team Vancouver Canuks. Now this remarkable goal video is getting viral on social media and his fans are quite happy to see his happy moment there is no doubt in thinking why this video is trending on social media.

The goal of Ullmark was an incredible and wonderful feat of precision and athleticism. With just over 1 minute left in the match, the Canucks pulled their goalkeeper, leaving an empty for the opposition team to shoot at. As expected, the beloved player Linus watched a chance and fastly made his way down to the ice in order to join the offense of the Bruins. As the puck had to get close to him, he made a skillful and wonderful mode to dodge the defender of his rival team prior to shooting the puck into the open net. As soon as he made the historic goal, the entire crowd where present in the stadium got excited and cheered for him and commemorated his historic goal.

Linus Ullmark Goal Video

The goalkeeper of Ullmark was an impressive and rare feat. Usually, goalkeepers are seen as the final line of defense and are not usually expected to obtain goals. Though his goal of Ullmark proves that goalkeepers can be just as skilled and trained as any other player in the team and his historic goals provide him with a huge fan following. Apart from it, the goal of Linus also shows the importance of being versatile and equally having the ability to give their contribute to the team in many ways. Speaking about his video, it is trending on social media and people are congratulating him.

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