Lance Reddick Illness And Health Before Death: Did The Wire And John Wick Star Die From Cancer?

Once again we are starting our news with the death news of someone. For the last 3 years, we are constantly hearing the departure news on daily basis. Though it is natural to hear the passing news as many people died on daily basis this time many famous celebrities are leaving the world as well as their fans are in a mourning state. Currently, people are mourning the demise of Lance Reddick and are keen to know the reason for his demise. The departure news of Lance Reddick surfaced in the news on Friday, 17th March 2023 and since then his fans are upset and speculating about his death cause.

Lance Reddick

Lance Reddick Illness And Health Before Death

Social media users are also keen to learn about Lance Reddick’s illness and health condition prior to his demise. Lance was a quite popular actor and known for his roles as Cedric Daniels in the film “The Wire”, and Chief Irvin “Irving in Bosch”, in the John Wick franchise. Apart from working in films he also featured in Television series such as Resident Evil, Lost, and Oz. Apart from his acting career, he was also a talented musician and gave his voice to many video game characters. He was working on 2 forthcoming films, 1 television series, and a video game titled “Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd”. However, his sudden death has broken the hearts of his fans.


Lance Reddick

On Wednesday, 15th March 2023, the late American actor was absent from the red-carpet launch of “John Wick 4” that was held in New York City. However, Lance did not mention any reason behind being absent but after 2 days, his death news appeared fore and his representatives confirmed his death news on Friday morning, 17th March 2023. It is obvious for his fans to find out the details of his illness, however, no information about his illness of Reddick was shared publicly. Some of the fans are still looking to know why he did not attend the red-carpet premiere of John Wick 4. The late actor was ready to come up in forthcoming projects, Shirely and White Men Can’t Jump. Both these films are scheduled for launch at the end of this year.

Lance Reddick

Now, these movies have already become special for his fans as this is his last working project. His admirers have always loved his performance and they always appreciated his work and the roles he played in the films. The entire social media is now flooded with his departure news and his fans are paying tribute to him. In the spite of his death, his legacy will remain alive with us through his work. There are some sources that are asserting that the late American actor passed away due to natural causes.

Lance Reddick
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