Lady Rwby Live Shaving Viral Video, Ladyrwby 6 Shaving Live On Twitter

Twitter is one of the most interesting social media platforms where we can find different types of videos. Some are hilarious, some are serious and some have controversial content which gets viral on other platforms as well. Most of the news these days are based on such viral video and people shows their interest in it. This time as well a video is getting viral which is related to the streamer. The streamer is identified as Lady Rwby who is quite popular in Vietnam. Just like other social media creators or celebrities she also used to share her daily routines with her fans.

Lady Rwby Live Shaving Viral Video

Lady Rwby Live Shaving Viral Video

Similarly, she has recently gone live on Twitter in order to share her shaving routine with her admirers. Many of her fans posted this video online and which has sparked a lot of discussion about self-care and body positivity. In her Live, she was trying to normalize her body hair. She views that it is okay to have body hair and that shaving is a personal choice. Now those people who have not watched the video are getting keen to have their look at it and look for the link. The length of her viral video is about 1 hour.

Lady Rwby Live Shaving Viral Video

Due to that, the video is getting viral in short clips. As we mentioned above, she was seen doing live shaving and people appreciates her gestures. However, it is not the latest video and it was recorded a year back on 16th June 2022. On 16th June, the popular streamer went live on Twitter in order to shave her body hair. The video views her using the razor in order to shave her underarms, bikini area, and legs. Throughout the video, she talked with her watchers and give answers to their questions about her shaving routine, self-care, and body hair. The video has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the side of admirers of Rwbyy, who appreciate her vulnerability and openness.

Lady Rwby Live Shaving Viral Video

Several have praised her for being a role model for self-love and body positivity. Although this video was posted last year it is again getting viral in 2023 as well and people are not getting stop to talking about it. They are appreciating Lady Rwby for sharing her skin routine with her fans. However, many questions have been raised right after this video and people want to know is it safe to shave your body hair with the help of a razor?”. The report states that shaving with the use of a razor can be safe if the person takes the necessary precautions. It is important to use a sharp and clean razor and to shave in the direction of hair growth.

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