Fact Check: Is Kotetsu Dead In Demon Slayer? Death Hoax Trending

Are you a fan of Demon Slayer? If yes, this article can serve you a lot about it. We brought this column to you to share some interesting and imperative details from the third season of Demon Slayer. There are many fans who are seeking details about Kotetsu and happenings in new episodes. As the new season of Demon Slayer has come and been released, the excitement among the fans about it has surged up. Do you know what happened to Kotestsu in Demon Slayer season 3? If not, the following sections of this article will help you and let you know some interesting updates from the third season of Demon Slayer. You are asked to stick with this article and must go through it till the end. Swipe down the page and read the details.

Kotetsu Demon Slayer Death

Is Kotetsu Dead In Demon Slayer?

The third season of Demon Slayer has finally been released. The new episodes of the series came up with more details about the adventures of Tanjiro in the Swordsmith Village. The third season also features some new characters from Swordsmith Village. Among the various new characters in Demon Slayer, one is known as Kotetsu. Fans are apparently quite curious about Kotetsu. What happened to Kotetsu? Scroll down the page and read this information.

Kotetsu Demon Slayer Death

Reportedly, Kotetsu protected the Yoriichi Type Zero doll from Muichiro. Later Kotetsu encourages Tanjiro to teach with it until he finds the katana of Yoriichi from inside. Meanwhile, Kotetsu managed to survive the adventure events despite being involved in lots of trouble events during the Swordsmith Village Arc. Somehow, Kotetsu managed to help Tanjiro and survive the events. Thus, it can be concluded that Kotetsu did not die in Demon Slayer. However, it is also true that he was dead at the time of the epilogue but it was set around a venture ahead. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Kotetsu Demon Slayer Death

Kotetsu is one of the most intriguing characters introduced in Demon Slayer lore. The second episode of Demon Slayer’s third season shows a powerful secret weapon in the Swordsmith Village but it is hidden in the forest. Kotetsu tries to refrain the Muichiro, Mist Hashira from using it. Talking about the appearance of Kotetsu, is with a swordsmith’s mask small boy. He refuses to give the keys to the secret weapon to Muichito. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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