Who Are Kaylin Gillis Parents? New York woman fatally shot dead

Kaylin Gillis, a young woman from upstate New York, was shot and died on Saturday night in Hebron, Saratoga County. People are looking for information on her Parents after her terrible demise. Gillis graduated from Schuylerville Central School in 2021. Her name gained public attention following a recent shooting that stole her life. Gillis was a talented individual who has the skill of becoming an artist. She drew animated creatures as well as real-life ones. Not only that, but she was a die-hard Disney lover. Following the devastating news of her death, everyone is astonished, and the entire globe is looking for information about her personal life, which we’ve explored below.

Kaylin Gillis

Who Are Kaylin Gillis’s Parents?

Kaylin Gillis’ parents, Angelique and Andrew Gillis are devastated by the loss of their young, loving, and hardworking daughter. The grief they are experiencing right now is indescribable, and they have sought privacy and distance. Similarly, Kaylin Gillis’ parents delivered poignant tributes to their daughter, who was shot and killed when her car turned up the incorrect driveway in upstate New York on Saturday night. Angelique and Andrew Gillis described their daughter as a “beautiful soul” with “so many dreams and so much to live for” before she was cruelly killed by a gunshot from the homeowner in Washington County in separate Facebook posts on Tuesday.

Kaylin Gillis Parents

Kaylin Gillis
Kaylin Gillis With Her Parents

In terms of her parents’ professional histories, her mother worked as a waitress and barman at The Merc, while her father, Andrew, attended Schuylerville Central School. Angelique and Andrew both announced on their social media accounts that they were heartbroken and devastated after losing their daughter.
“Anyone who was fortunate enough to know Kaylin would attest that she is a good, lovely spirit and a beam of sunshine,” stated Kaylin Gillis’ father. She was a loyal friend, a kind big sister, a cherished daughter, and the company of her devoted lover. She was learning how to move through the world with elegance, humor, and love.”

Kaylin Gillis
Kaylin Gillis Killer

Similarly, her mother Angelique said on Facebook, “I’m lost.” I’m completely broken. I’m at a loss for words to explain how grateful I am for everyone’s kindness and support. My lovely child did not deserve this. She had so many hopes and desires. She was the reason we existed. Thank you for your love and support. Kaylin Gillis is survived by her two bereaved parents, two sisters, a long-term companion, three grandparents, and a big extended family. Kaylin was also a caring and supportive partner. She had been in a long-term relationship with Blake Walsh. They had a close friendship and had been together for many years.

Kaylin Gillis

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