How did John Pappajohn die? Iowa philanthropist, art collector and investor dies at 94

One of Iowa’s most generous and notable philanthropists, gracing the name of buildings, centers, and programs including the University of Iowa’s John Pappajohn Business Building has reportedly died. Read the article to know the complete news. Iowa John Pappajohn was an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist from his state who has significantly contributed to the business. Pappajohn was born in Greece and moved to Iowa with his family as a baby. Upon his Father’s death, he took over management of his family’s grocery shop in Mason City, Iowa, at 16.

John Pappajohn

John Pappajohn Death Cause

Pappajohn graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in business in 1952 and became one of the University’s most distinguished graduates. He was a very successful entrepreneur who was involved in various profitable projects during his career. He founded Equity Dynamics, Inc, an investment firm, and has served on the board of directors or as officers of over 40 public and private firms. In addition to his business accomplishments, Pappajohn is an active philanthropist. He has given tens of millions of dollars to Iowa charities, including education, the arts, and healthcare.


John Pappajohn

He has strongly supported the University of Iowa and received the Horatio Alger Award for charity in 1995. As of April 23, 2023, John’s net worth was estimated at around USD 5.04 Million. He holds over 200,000 units of Cancer Genetics stock valued at more than $5,041,842 and has sold CGIX shares worth over $0. In addition, he earns $0 as Cancer Genetics Non-Executive Chairman of the Board. According to Form 4 filed with the SEC, he made over 33 transactions of Cancer Genetics shares since 2014. On May 23, 2019, he purchased 200,000 shares of CGIX stock for USD 250,000. On January 31, 2019, he executed the most significant move of his career, purchasing 1.000.000 units of Cancer Genetics stock for more than $230,000. Since 2013, he has traded around 76,253 units every 38 days on average. He still holds at least 1,117,925 shares in Cancer Genetics as of May 23, 2019.

John Pappajohn

Reportedly, according to KCCI, John Pappajohn, an influential Iowa Business Leader, and philanthropist, has died. He was just 94. For over $30 million, Pappajohn founded and funded the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurship Centres at five different colleges in Iowa. According to his biography, these institutes have assisted in the formation and launch of over 1,000 new businesses. He was involved with over 100 start-ups and sat on the boards of over 40 public firms.

John Pappajohn Obituary wife Mary Pappajohn mourns the demise of her beloved husband. One of Iowa’s most generous and well-known donors, whose name appears on buildings, institutions, and programs such as the University of Iowa’s John Business Building, has died. He and his wife, Mary were well-known for their goodwill. John died on April 22, at the age of 94. According to UI Tippie College of Commerce Dean Army, Kristof-Brown stated that his demise is a huge loss because his impact will extend well beyond the name on her college’s principal campus home.

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