Jayden Pienta Santa Rosa Stabbed 16-year-old killed by 15 year old at a high school in Santa Rosa

Nowadays schools are also not safe and becoming the spot of crime scenes. We are often hearing many horrifying and criminal cases that are occurring at school which is increasing the tension of the parents towards the safety of their children. There have been many cases available to read which show how much crime is happening these days, particularly in schools. This type of news points out how much aggression has increased among students who are their learning age but instead of studying they are getting engaged in crimes and destroying their careers on their own hands.

Jayden Pienta Santa Rosa Stabbed

Jayden Pienta Santa Rosa Stabbed

Recently one such horrifying stabbing incident happened in a school which puts the community in a sad and horrifying state. According to the reports, this stabbing incident happened at Montgomery High School located in Santa Rose. Now after hearing this news, parents and other citizens are thinking about school safety and the requirement for better mental health resources for pupils. There are many people who don’t know the deep details of this case and want to know what exactly has happened and the aftermath of the incident. If you are also one of those who are looking to know about this news, then you need to read this blog till the last word of it.

According to the reports, 17-year-old Jayden Pienta was lethally stabbed at Montgomery High School in Santa Rose that located in California. The incident has been reported to the police who got to know that the incident happened in the quad of the school at the time of lunch and Pienta was instantly admitted to the nearby medical institution. Though the doctor declared him dead as soon as he arrived at the hospital. The family, friends, and loved ones of the deceased were completely devasted by his passing and wanted justice for him.

Jayden Pienta Santa Rosa Stabbed

The death news of Pienta sent shockwaves on social media and people want to know the reason for this lethal attack. The case was lodged and during the investigation, police got to know that a 16-year-old student was the suspect in this murder who is currently behind the bars. However, the police have not shared the details of the suspect but we are trying to find the details of it. The aftermath of the stabbing had been tough to accept it and his classmates and friends were quite disturbed and prayed for the salvation of his soul. Whereas the parents of the other students are worried for the safety of their children and demand better security provide for their children and want the school to take serious steps to stop such cases.

Jayden Pienta Santa Rosa Stabbed

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