Is Pierre Palmade Really Dead After Avc Accident? Death Hoax Debunked

Pierre Palmade, a French actor and comedian caught the attention of the people a few days ago after he was totally involved in a horrific car crash that left three injured. It has been sixteen days since the tragic accident took place caused by Pierre Palmade. The condition of the three injured is critical, as per their lawyer. The victim’s car was arriving opposite is in critical and receiving proper treatment in the hospital. Guest of BFMTV on Sunday morning, Mourad Battikh said that his customers were all very bad.

Accident De Pierre Palmade Voiture

Is Pierre Palmade Really Dead After Avc Accident?

Since the news of the incident was announced, uncountable rumors started to appear on social media which are spreading the death news of Pierre Palmade. Along with this, the rumors are also spreading over the Internet after the fatal crash due to drug usage and child p*ornogr@phy charges. After the rumors started to take the attention of the people, many people started to pay tribute to Pierre Palmade. The rumors of his death spread like wildfire. As per the official reports, Pierre Palmade was involved in a horrific accident that injured five of which three were in critical condition. Let’s find out how did happen to him and whether was he the main suspect in this case.

Pierre Palmade

Lots of sources believe that the accident was noted to be fueled by cocaine usage, which left the actor with several serious legal problems. Drug charges were added to him and now, he will be investigated for possessing child p*ornogr@phy. Due to these charges, many believed that the French actor might have taken his life in shame. Maybe, we need to find out more about Pierre Palmade’s suicide rumors.

Pierre Palmade

It has been confirmed that the rumors behind his suicide are invalid and the gossip happening behind his back is unthinkable or baseless. The French actor was detained for driving under the impact of cocaine and the possibility of manslaughter due to the crash on February 10, which left five injured. A tip was given by an unidentified person that claims police established a search in the comedian’s apartment in Paris on Feb 19.

Accident De Pierre Palmade Voiture

Officers found the comedian’s bag containing his personal items and the computer will be analyzed by specialists to find any suspicious information. If Pierre Palmade is found guilty in this case, he could face jail for up to five years and also be fined EUR75,000. Stay tuned with us to know more details of this case.

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