Bacari Ogarro Arrested For ‘Pranks’ Harassing Orthodox Jews In London

A self-proclaimed prankster who films himself trespassing in shops, people’s homes and stealing dogs from parks could soon find his accounts taken down due to a new law. You are required to read the article and continue reading for more details. Follow us around for all the insights regarding Bacari Ogarro Arrested For ‘Pranks’ Harassing Orthodox Jews In London.

Bacari Ogarro Arrested

Bacari Ogarro Arrested:

Mr. Ogarro has previously been arrested for ‘pranks’ harassing orthodox Jews in London, in which he approached a young man at a bus stop, put his hands on the victim’s shoulders, and attempted to dive him. Ogarro claimed he was held by police for 36 hours over the incident. Now, a minister has intervened to warn social media sites hosting Mr. Ogarro’s videos to take action. Paul Scully, Minister for Tech and the Digital economy has warned TikTok that the forthcoming will mean social media companies would have to delete the content.

'Pranks' Harassing Orthodox Jews In London

‘Pranks’ Harassing Orthodox Jews In London

A TikTok user who went viral on social media this week, after he filmed himself entering a stranger’s house as a prank, could soon see his accounts deleted by social media companies, all thanks to a new law enforced. Bacari Ogarro, who goes by the name of Mizzy, resulted in outrage this week after a video of him entering the London home of a complete stranger went viral. Continue reading for more details.

Bacari Ogarro

In the video, Mr. Ogarro has seen startling a young family, the mother of whom had been in the front patio sweeping and left their front door open. The video opened with Ogarro and two friends saying let’s go to walk into random houses. He then entered the house, attracting the attention of a woman in the front garden, before brazenly entering the hallway while young children were heard. As shocking as the video was Mr Ogarro has made a habit of similar stunts. Continue reading for more details further.

Another video uploaded to his TikTok account showed him approaching an elderly woman on a park bench, scooping up her dog, and sprinting away. A third video showed him approaching random young women at Stoke Newington overground station and asking them if they want to die. Other clips showed him harassing women on the Elizabeth Line; sitting on the laps of two female strangers while they socialized on a park bench; entering a library and destroying books; and getting into the backs of strangers’ cars.

Tory Assembly Member Susan Hall has also intervened, asking the Met Police to intervene. The Online Safety Bill is currently making its way through the House of Lords and will likely become law before the next General Election. TikTok said they deleted the user’s account last week, however, Mr. Ogarro created a new profile and quickly began uploading to it. That account has now also been deleted. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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