How did Siobhan Cattigan die? Murrayfield pays tribute to Scotland player

It is always dreadful to hear the passing news of someone. Especially when the person was trying to achieve something big in their life and something miserable happens that became the reason for their death. The fans, family, friends, and loved ones of Siobhan Cattigan are presently mourning her demise. This is one of the most horrible news of their lives and we can understand how much is tough for her family to accept her departure. She was a talented rugby player who triumphed 19 caps for the Scottish national team. Her dedication and skill helped her to accumulate a lot of fans in the rugby community.

Siobhan Cattigan

Siobhan Cattigan Death Cause

She made a special place in the hearts of rugby fans in Scotland and other places as well. Now all these fans are crying after hearing her tragic death news and want to know the reason for her sudden departure. Not only this, the saddest part of her death is that she took her own life she was just 30 years old when she took this harsh step and stunned everyone related to her. Now, most people are here to explore the life and career of this late rugby player along with the details of the circumstances surrounding her demise.

Siobhan Cattigan

One more thing which we want to clarify here is that she died on 26th November 2021 which means 2 years back but the pain of her death is still fresh in the heart of everyone. She was a brilliant rugby player who made an important impact on the sport, especially in her country. Though her wonderful and promising career came to a sad end when she took a drastic step and end her own life. Her friends and family were left shattered after her drastic step and even the rugby community came in a big shock. The reports were stating that Siobhan Cattigan was struggling with mental health problems which instigated her to end her own life.

Siobhan Cattigan

This death has shown how much it is important to share your inner feelings with someone especially when you are suffering from mental health issues. It is also the responsibility of the family and friends to talk with the person if they notice any changes in their loved ones otherwise that person can take harsh steps. It remains not known what exactly happened to her and what kind of mental health problems she was suffering from. She was a talented rugby player and many achievements were waiting for her but tragically she was not able to fulfill them and ends her life. The legacy of Siobhan Cattigan in Scottish rugby will always be recalled.

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