How did Doug Mulray die? Tribute Pour as Veteran radio personality dies at 71

It is not easy for us to share the death news with our readers but we must inform our readers of what is happening around us. Death news is always awful to hear and this time as well we came here with another sad news that is linked to the passing of the Australian entertainer. According to multiple reports, Sydney radio star, Doug Mulary is no more between us, and his fans and listeners are devastated after hearing this sad news. Although he took retirement from his career for a quite long time he was still popular among his fans who loved to listen to his broadcast.

Doug Mulray

Doug Mulray Death Cause

Now after his passing, they are feeling extremely sad that he is no more between us. He was 71 years old when he said his final goodbye to everyone. This late personality made his name by dominating the commercial airwaves in the year the 1980s with his stunts and creativity. Apart from it, his Television shows Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos was popularly pulled off the air by Kerry Packer who was the owner of Channel Nine after just 34 minutes.

Doug Mulray

Later on, in the year 1992, Packer called his own Television Station and stated, “Get that shit off the air” after the late broadcaster watched clips of animals copulation and the boy pulling the private part of the kangaroo, accompanied by the commentary of Mulray. The passing news of Mulray was officially confirmed by his family on Thursday, 30th March 2023. His family also shared the cause of the demise which is identified as a long illness. He left behind his wife Lizzie with whom he was sharing 3 children.

Doug Mulray
Doug Mulray with his wife Liz Muir

His family officially released the statement which reads that “He died peacefully on Thursday, 30th March 2023 with his longtime wife Lizzie and business partner Hamish Cameron by their side. He was a kind and beloved radio host. From the formative years of FM radio and Triple M,… the ratings of his show grew from 2,6% to over 18% thrusting Triple M into #1status. Though he is no more between us but his legacy will always remain with us. May God give rest to his soul.”

Doug Mulray

According to the reports, the legendary Aussie breakfast radio host died in intensive care in the hospital in Sydney. The exact cause of his demise is not known at this time but the reports state that he died after suffering from a serious illness. He was popularly famous for releasing Triple M, where he went on the spend most of his career becoming an iconic voice in the radio world.

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