Gomara 29th April 2023 Tonight’s full episode updates

Gomora released its latest episode on 29th April 2023. People have already enjoyed it a lot. In case, you missed the episode, we are here with the details of Episode 29th April 2023. You will get a complete glimpse of the Gomora Episode 29th April 2023 in this article. keep reading for more information.

Gomara 29th April 2023

What Happened In Gomora Episode 29th April 2023:

Gomora Episode 29th April 2023 starts with Sonto being trapped in her room after smoking when Madidas realize it. While she warns Pretty that they have to control Tshiamo before her turning into Thathi. Tshimo has already informed Teddy about her leaving the house. While on the other hand, Scara wants to return back to Gomora to come closer to Sibongile and the infant.

All the dance preparations have been handed to Mr. Faku Zara by Tumelo. Now, Sonto came to know about a criminal but highly profitable enterprise. Zibuki is furious to know about Mazet’s life being insured. We also saw that Sibongile has left the infant. Thathi has gone to Sonto. Tumelo took the keys. Thathi is also surrounded by walls. One of the adversaries of Thathi notices the scene.

Sibongile was put into an awkward situation. As Zibuko was following Tathi, Zibuko saw MK with Balo. Tshiamo has been kidnapped. Tshiamo is ashamed of what Zibuko has done but still prefers to keep everything to herself. While we see Sizwe who boosts pupils to fight. Zibuko speaks to her and says that he has seen Thathi himself.

Nolwandle and Nkosinathi are seen arguing. Sonto finds out the travel paperwork of Thathi due to which she has to admit the fact that she knows where Mazet was buried. It was becoming more difficult for both Scara and Sibongile to manage their parenthood. Thathi now takes Sonto to the burial location. Sibongile wants more information on adoption. She requests Gladys for the same.

Molefe Era is said to be ended. Things change a little bit. Thathi wants Sonto to do something and take risks. Sonto finally plans to free Thathi from jail. Here Sibongile is realizing the trouble she can get into if Detective Nabe gets to work and started locating the infant. Tumelo is now concerned as Gladys has seen him eating from the food parcel.

This was all about Gomara’s 29th April 2023 episode. We keep bringing such updates to our website. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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