Is George Not Found Dead or Alive? YouTuber Death Rumor On Internet

Currently, a popular name is circulating on social media, and since the news of a famous personality went viral on the Internet, many people are searching to know the truth behind this mishappening that caught the attention of the entire world. According to recent updates, a popular Youtuber George Not Found aka Georgenotfound has become a topic on the Internet after his death rumors started to appear. Yes, the Minecraft content creator who is originally known as George Davidson’s death news went viral on social media that raised concern among his followers and fans.

George Not Found Dead

Is George Not Found Dead or Alive?

Since the news of his death rumors went viral on Twitter and Facebook, all his subscribers and followers took their social media handles to start tributing him which caused more concern among his fans across the world. He rose more fame by posting Minecraft content on his Youtube channel, which has garnered more than 10 million subscribers. During his career in the gaming community, he teamed up with another gaming pros like Dream to form the Youtube Gaming Team Dream Team. Three years before in 2019, he also shared a clip titled “Bedwars Mouse + Keyboard ASMR”. Keep reading to get more details about these rumors.

George Not Found Dead

Most of the tributes on social media confirm that Georgenotfound has been dead but still, we don’t have any official statement regarding this news is Georgenotfound dead or alive? Our sources are trying to collect more details and talking to his mates to know the exact updates. We would like to tell you that neither his community nor family shared any kind of details regarding Georgenotfound’s death. We ask people to stay tuned with us so, whenever we share any details regarding him, you are the one who will be updated with official news.

George Not Found Dead

Born as George Davidson on November 1, 1996, in London, England. If we talk about his career so, he is a Youtuber and Twitch streamer. The gamer began his career on Youtube in 2013 under the name GeorgeeeHDPlays before sharing frequently in 2019. Later, he changed his name to GeorgeNotFound. Well, his official Youtube channel earned 10.5 million subscribers.

He earned these subscribers after sharing his content of Minecraft game videos. He mostly participated in Minecraft Championship (MCC) tournaments with other creators online. While writing this, the Youtuber has more than 15.5 subscribers and over 742.1 million views on his all videos. He has a massive fan following in the world of the gaming community.

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