Gautami Patil Fees Per Show 2023: How Much Lavani Dancer Charges For Each Show?

It is not necessary that viral videos harm the image and the person doesn’t get work. Sometimes it helps the victim to get popularity and they instantly come in demand. That is why most people who faced a downfall in their careers are purposely releasing controversial things on social media so that people sympathize with them. Though we are not saying that everyone is doing this, in most cases it is found that victims are actually the real perpetrators. Well, speaking about the latest trending news, Marathi Lavani dancer Guatami Patil recently made the headlines of the newspaper after her controversial video went viral on social media.

Gautami Patil

Gautami Patil Fees Per Show 2023

In that video, she was seen n@ked and changing her clothes during an event. Ever since her video went viral on social media people backlashes her and made derogatory comments about the video. She lodged the case after her video went viral on social media and states that someone tried to harm her image. Well, it looks like this negative fame helped her to boost her popularity, although she was already quite popular now she became a star overnight and due to that she raised her fees for performing in events.

Gautami Patil

Her popularity has been increasing day by day and people are constantly searching for her and even inviting her to their events. The reports state that Gautami Patil has been making young and old people dance to her tunes since childhood is increasing day by day. Every event of Gautami is now overcrowded. Now people want to know how much she is charging for giving her performance at an event. Other than that, Gautami Patil is presently in discussion in the whole of Maharashtra.

Gautami Patil

Recently, her name came into the limelight because of the viral video that went viral on social media platforms. The Lavani dancer was accused of doing obscene dances under the name Lavani and after that, the name of Gautami remained in the news forever. The reports further added that after all accusations against her, she made a lot of changes in her dance but people demanded that she should be banned from events. From the events of leaders to birthday parties of children, Gautami has begun getting invitations for her performance.

Gautami Patil

After watching her demands, she has deliberately increased their fees as everyone wants her to perform at their events. Now you all must want to know how much betel nut she is charging for her performance in the spite of being accused and criticized. As per the details, the Lavani dancer takes an honorarium of 1 and a half to 2 lakh rupees for a program. She and her team earn around Rs 30-35 lakh per month and now her viral video made her more popular.

Gautami Patil

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